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Well to begin, it’s important to understand that her  “portfolio of passions” is wide and varied, her curious nature has her delving into many interesting and diverse areas all related to our health and well being in all areas of our life.

First is her interest into the environment and studying its powerful affect on our lives which drew her into the world of  interior design and staging and grew with the study of Feng Shui and Neuro-architecture. The creation of her book Free mini ebook“Feng Shui for Special Needs”, is as a result of her study into the environment and its effect upon all people, but especially those people with a heightened sensitivity to the environment. Kim now provides a copy of the eBook free for families or individuals with learning and life challenges it’s free to download for Members on the Library tab on the website.

After becoming inundated with requests from Realtors and homeowners for help preparing their homes for sale, but at the same time feeling her passion calling her in another direction, she knew she needed to share her knowledge by writing Step by Step to Sold That book in print since 2009 became hugely popular because of its powerful yet simple step by step approach to making changes .

The immediate change visually of the space and the incredible way the home feels when the work is complete results in amazing transformations. Kim’s Virtual Learning programs for Homeowners wishing to do their own staging is a quick remedy to give them the options on changes that can be made which can help homes sell quickly while still receiving as much money as they could from the sale. Seeing the trend of most successful Realtors hiring stagers she decided to create a program for Realtors as well. Allowing everyone interested in learning to stage themselves to gain the knowledge necessary to assist their sellers.

The evolution of her passions has taken her even further into the world of teaching and sharing, while inspiring and changing lives with the recent publication of her fourth book. Her focus is now on empowering women with the creation of her Book Series: “All I Want is … Everything”.  Providing a path to discovery for each of us to turn off the button marked “auto pilot” and engage the awareness and choice buttons, giving everyone the opportunity to create an extraordinary life from a lifetime of ordinary days.

Her book “All I Want is … Everything – A Guide to Love Peace and Happiness was recently given out to all presenters and award winners at the Grammy Awards and the Oscars!

She supports many local and national charities from the Sojourner Center for Battered Women to the Lost Boys of Sudan, as well as The Tenth Woman and One Solitary Child Projects.

All of Kim’s books are available at A New Day A New Vision as well as online at Amazon  as well as many book stores throughout the world with a portion of the proceeds from each sale going to various charities.

In her spare time Kim enjoys many other passions include; crocheting, quilting, cooking and relaxing (which she admits goes to the bottom of the list frequently). When not writing and creating classes, she can be found at home in Scottsdale, AZ  enjoying the company of her husband of 37 years, Doug, a sports writer, her two grown children and her beloved cocker spaniel, Frank.

Visit Kim’s other website A New Day A New Vision to join her in a quest to discard the vision of who you should be and embrace who you are now.