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One factor that can be overlooked when getting your home ready to sell is the focus of some of your time and energy to enhance its appeal to a select group of people, those most likely to make an appearance at your open houses.

OK settle down long time readers!

Yes the first step is to wipe the slate clean, which allows you to attract a wide group of buyers. If you have taken the Total Home Solutions Audio Program and followed the recommendations for Staging and Feng Shui, then you are miles ahead of the other home sellers.

That being said, there are ways to determine and then subtlety appeal to your group, to open your arms and home to welcome a certain demographic depending upon your circumstances.

Let me explain what I mean.

Let’s say that you have already staged and applied Feng Shui principles to your home, and now you are ready to add a little something interesting and pump up the appeal.

What could you do? Something that will not scare away buyers in a different demographic group, while at the same time entices buyers.

It is a balance that can be achieved with forethought and care.

How about a neighborhood tip sheet listing the features of the neighborhood and your home with attention to the demographic?

You could easily create one to leave on the counter telling a little bit about your area.

Let’s say that your home is a starter home in a neighborhood of young families. Not saying that an older couple wouldn’t buy your home, but with a kid friendly backyard, a doggie door, and a school nearby you believe that your focus should be younger, newly married couples, maybe looking to start a family.

Let’s think about what would appeal to them.

It might read something like –

Things we love about this area and will miss:

  • Great neighbors that you can meet this summer at our annual street party.
  • Babysitters who are reliable and amazing with kids.
  • A library nearby that holds Saturday musical hours for kids.
  • A park not too far away with a play area and separate fenced area for dogs.

If your focus was more upper middle class it might include:

  • A fabulous wine bar or quaint coffee shop within walking distance.
  • Gourmet grocery store with amazing pastries.
  • Country Clubs in the area.
  • Fitness Centers.

Maybe your home appeals to an older retirement age group:

  • Medical center a few minutes’ drive away.
  • Senior Center nearby that holds fitness as well as many hobby classes.
  • Maybe that park nearby has free concerts during the summer.
  • Neighborhood Bridge group if you enjoy playing cards.
  • Community swimming pool and hot tub.

You see that everything you have stated allows them to partake but does not require their participation

You can even print out a map and add a guide on the side showing all the fun right near their new home!

Let’s say you have a lemon or orange tree in the yard – place a big bowl on the counter letting them know there is a tree in the yard with a note offering for them to take one as a memento of visiting your home.

If it is a condominium you may want to point out the exterior of the home is completely maintenance free.

Maybe that there is a county golf course a short distance away or a walking path that runs through a scenic park.

The point is to think of who your buyer may be and include them in your focus without excluding or scaring anyone away.

What not to include is … anything that would bring attention to a negative, such as just minutes from a major airport (big red flag for noise) or that there is a fire station very close (again noise alert) or if you have a dog you will fit right in because everyone has a dog. Again, bad news for cat lovers.

Making the prospective buyer aware of the opportunities that will come with your home may just make the difference between a sale and a walk, because they didn’t see the entire picture of the amazing place they could be living.

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As always, blessings to you and your family for a safe and successful sale of your home!

Kim Upstone

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