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What a mess! Why would you think this is acceptable if you are tying to sell your home and get the best price?

Look at the nice features of this room ~ a fireplace, three beautiful windows and nice tile flooring ~ this room screams for some staging! I pity the poor Realtor who has to list this home.

If they were part of the Step By Step to Sold Realtor Program they would have a CD on home preparation to give this seller that would take them step by step to SOLD?

Have you joined yet? The program includes a listing in the National Directory plus much more and is only $99.00 and for a limited time you can even add the code HOTDEALS at check-out and take $20.00 off the purchase price.

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Keyword Research is very important for any business but is especially important for Realtors with the increasing number of people searching for homes online.

Keywords can be really confusing to understand. This article from Seth Price over at Inman is about the best article I have found on simplifying Keywords!  Check out the entire post here! 


 The Great Gatsby ~

I loved reading the book and can’t wait to see the most recent version of the movie!

See the house that inspired the movie!

Here are some fun facts about F. Scott Fitzgerald and the movie.

  • F. Scott Fitzgerald is actually named after his second cousin Francis Scott Key.
  • He died of a heart attack at the age of 44 after a lifetime of indulgences.
  • He died believing he was a failure because his books did not become popular until long after his death.
  • The version of the movie just being released is the sixth movie made from the book The Great Gatsby!


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