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In this week’s Realtor® Newsletter we will cover:

  • The Art of Referrals
  • Five Phone Apps Realtors® Must Have 
  • The Zen of Cleansing A Home
  • Why You Need to Join Step By Step to Sold on Pinterest
  • Your Link to the Total Home Solutions Homeowner Newsletter 


Referral PictureFirst up is this week is a  link to an article by Ian Grace at (read it here) it is about increasing referrals to keep a constant stream incoming to fuel your business. There is an art to requesting referrals graciously. One of his recommendations is finding a way to keep in touch with past, present, and future clients, sometimes easier said than done.

How do you reach out to people on a consistent basis without feeling intrusive?  If you are constantly asking for referrals without providing something of value people will stop opening your emails.

You need to show up in their inbox on a regular basis and you have to give them a reason to open your emails. But how do you achieve that without spending a lot of money on marketing programs?

Light-bulb moment ~ – it dawned on me that this is what the THS Homeowner Newsletter does and better yet it’s completely FREE for you to use!

I originally created the THS Newsletter to attract readers from my other websites to my Step By Step to Sold site, I needed to keep their interest by providing  them with valuable information about decorating, feng shui and staging, things everyone is interested in.

We are all so busy and to just send an email asking people to send business your way is maybe not the best way to get referrals ~ but providing them value information on subjects they are interested in and reminding them that you are around should family and friends need your help when selling their home.

This is something I have been successful at and is an area that I would love to help you with.

So here is what you need to do:

  • Gather all your email addresses ~ friends, relatives, sellers, and buyers you have worked with
  • Determine how you will send your email out  ~via your personal or business email or with a free email delivery system like Mail Chimp.
  • Write up a short note, and make sure to include a gentle reminder that you are always looking to help their friends, and family sell or buy their new home

and then

  • Copy and paste the link I provide in each THS Homeowner Newsletter. You might want to give them a tease about something in the newsletter and send off every month!

Easy, effective and FREE!


Smart Phone Apps PictureIs there an APP for that?

I love apps, and according to a Pew research study, over half of us of use our phone for everything from reading books to surfing the web.  It makes sense to me that every professional should be up to date on the amazing tools now available that not only make life easier but also allow us to be more successful!

So I found this article and played around with some of the apps they recommended, and you know what ~ the world of apps is an amazing place to live.

All of the apps are pretty simple to use – yes I did it myself without the assistance of any of my tech savvy children or even my assistants!

I recommend you pick the one that you feel will be most useful, learn to use it to it’s fullest potential, then move on to the next app. **

Incense used for a Feng Shui home cleansingFeng Shui Cleansing of a Home.

If you haven’t taken one of the Free teleseminars, now would be the time to sign up. In the teleseminar held twice a month, I go into what Feng Shui is and what it does to alter the environment within any space. Did you know that Feng Shui can be used in many areas? From helping special needs individuals with learning and life challenges, such as autism and ADHD to calming the chaos in a home with emotional challenges and most often it’s principals are used in conjunction with staging to assist in selling homes.

Today I want to talk about a common problem that can be easily remedied with a Feng Shui practice of cleansing a home. No not cleaning, although that is very important too ~ we are talking about a cleansing. Feng Shui is based upon the balance of energy in a space. That balance is affected by many different factors, among them emotions. In homes with stresses (Who am I kidding? That is most every home.) the negative emotions linger. Events like death, divorce, illness, as well as other negative events are felt when people enter the home.

When selling, it can be especially helpful to cleanse these bad energies and negative feelings from the home. Doing a cleansing is simple. Purchase Sandalwood Incense preferably made in a country like Japan, India, or China, because the incense from these countries is stronger. Light the incense and move in circles in the corners of each room. Then open the windows and turn on the ceiling fans and whisk away the negative energy. Remember to do each room in the home and repeat as often as needed ~ I do my home every month!


Have you joined me at Pinterest  yet?  ~ comment ~ share ~ √ like  ~ and be seen by buyers and sellers!

For those of you who have been looking the other direction (maybe Facebook or Twitter) and missed the explosion of the most amazing social media platform to date, then you need to know about Pinterest!

Pinterest is an online social media platform in which you create boards and pin photos, videos, charts, and images, basically anything with a URL and an image to a board. You locate pictures and then “pin” them. You connect with other people you know and repin, comment, share and like their pins. Then the magic: you are seen by their entire network of pinners, and so it continues on and on as your pins are repinned, more and more people see you and connect.

So how can you use Pinterest to generate leads? Well as with any Social Media, anything you do on a consistent basis will bring you more traffic. Myself, I love to pin, and though I have been at Pinterest with my other companies longer than with Step By Step to Sold, I feel it will be an important place for my Realtors® to hang out and my homeowners to meet .

People spend more time on Pinterest than any other Social Media and spend more money per sale than Facebook.

So interested in getting your feet wet and connecting at Pinterest with me. Then join Pinterest and then connect with me there!


Your Link to the Total Home Solutions Homeowner Newsletter

Just a reminder, the best way to reach someone and keep present in their lives is to provide something of value. Whether it is passing on the Total Home Solutions Homeowner Newsletter to your email list, or reaching out in some other manner, reminding them that you are happy to help is a very important part of your job!

Feel free to use the note I have provided below~ you can copy and paste, if you choose, or simply copy the link and write your own note for this month’s reminder.

I am sharing this month’s edition of the Total Home Solutions Homeowner Newsletter and hope you find it useful. This month’s issue has an article on how to Decorate Your Shelves Like  A Pro and a fun piece on the Warning Signs Of Pinterest Addiction as well as a Fall Home Maintenance list. We all know that taking care of our home with regular maintenance is the best way to avoid costly repairs later and assure a good resale value.

Simply click this link to read the entire Newsletter .

Feel free to share this email and link. Please remember I am always available to help your family and friends sell their homes!

Add your email and phone number here and you are done!

That is it for this edition ~  as always, my wish is for abundant success in your life as well as business.

Life is short. Let’s give it everything we have got!




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