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In this week’s Realtor Newsletter we will cover:

  • Are you ready for some football? 

  • Does Your Zen Affect Your Sales Success? 

  • Taking Your Business Success To New Heights! 


Are You Ready For Some Football?

Fall has arrived and so has Football! Some of you may be aware that my husband is a sports writer and expert in handicapping (need some free tips for this week’s games ~ check out his website here), so Football season has our entire household in the spirit with at times eight games being watched at once! I happened upon this great article about some amazing sports themed rooms! If you are a sports fan you will LOVE ~ LOVE ~ LOVE these rooms! Click here to check out all the photos!


Go-with-the-flow-2SFW-199x300If you have been with me a while, you know I love Feng Shui and practice it in all areas of my life. As an author of spiritual and inspirational books, when I am not writing about Real Estate, you can probably guess that I try to be as “Zen” as possible. I am always drawn to articles on the subject of creating peace and tranquility in our lives. This article brings to light the idea that your energy affects the outcome of sales. I am a total believer that optimism, positive energy, and clear intention can make a huge difference in the outcome of many areas of your life, including sales success.

Take a few minutes to read this interesting article at Realty Times and then ask yourself, “Is my energy and attitude affecting my sales success and income?”


Drones and Real Estate

Talk about thinking outside the box and taking your business to new heights!!!

Using Drones to help sell properties! This is really an amazingly creative use of technology! Read the entire article at REM Online!


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Did you know I review over 100 different blogs each week and pull out the articles that I think are interesting, timely, and inspiring for you to read and share with your people ~ buyers and sellers. There is no better way to remind them that you care about them than to share information they can use, which also allows you to keep  present in their minds ~ just in case they or their friends happen to need a great Realtor.

Also a big Congratulations to Kelli Grant of Kelli Grant Realty Group for being selected as our Featured Real Estate Professional for October.  Kelli’s support of the Step By Step to Sold Realtor and Homeowner Programs allows a donation to be made in her name to the Charity of the Month at The Tenth Woman and One Solitary Child serving women and children in the United States and the world over!

Thanks for joining me today!

My wish is for success, health and happiness for you and your loved ones!


Kim Upstone


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