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In this week’s Realtor Newsletter we will cover:

  • Taxes and the Self Employed Real Estate Agent

  • Mirror, Mirror On the Wall

  • I love Google+ and You Should Too!

  • Featured Real Estate Professional of September 

Cutting TaxesTaxes ~ How to Keep More of Your Money!

Yes, there are many of us that are considered “self-employed” and if you are a Real Estate Agent, you are most often considered among this group.

How do you legally keep more money and pay less in taxes? Well, long ago when we first began our first companies, we had a very wise tax consultant who advised us to create Limited Liability Companies and then request to be recognized by the Government to file as S Corps, saving us lots of money on self- employment and Social Security taxes.

I found this great article on Inman that backs up what we found, you can save yourself a good chunk of cash, legally! It is a bit more work when you go to file but the savings to you is worth looking into, especially when compared to the cost of filing a few additional forms at tax time.

You can check out the article here Inman News.

As always, check with your tax professional for the best option for your particular circumstances!

My new article “Tips for Moving with Pets” is up at the Step by Step to Sold Library of Articles. It is a great resource to share with Sellers and Buyers who have four-legged family members, filled with great information and ideas. Remember, the Library is for Total Home Solutions Members only, so if you have misplaced the link and password to the Library of Articles, you can always find it on the email you received from me alerting you to a new newsletter posted or send an email to!

  Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Who is the Fairest Real Estate Agent of Them All?

Of course, the agents who know the secrets of Staging and Feng Shui to help their sellers, and this week we will talk about the power of mirrors!

Did you know that mirrors play an important part in both Staging and Feng Shui when preparing a home to sell or even for a home you are living in? In this article, we will address the specific directives and problems associated with mirror placement when a home is on the market.

In staging, mirrors are wonderful to use, because they allow a small room to feel bigger, visually expanding areas that would be defined by walls and reflect light in a dark room. Even if there is little natural lighting. When placed near task or ambient lighting, they can instantly make a dark area appear brighter.

In Feng Shui, mirrors play an important role, because they have an impact upon energy movement, which is the basis of Feng Shui. We want the energy to be balanced to allow the feeling of calm and peacefulness. Too much energy causes a feeling of unsettledness, while not enough energy movement causes a feeling of heaviness, lethargy, and depression.

Always remember that mirrors double whatever they reflect. If they are reflecting clutter and dirt, then the negative affect upon the room will be doubled. If they are sparkling clean and reflect a green plant, then the positive energy is doubled.

They should never be placed in direct line with a door or window, which would cause any energy entering to be reflected directly back out, never allowing it to enter and positively affect the balance of energy within the home.

There are a few general rules when addressing a home for sale with mirrors:

  • Mirrors need to be sparkling clean; you need the reflection to not be one of dust and dirt.
  • Each mirror needs to be within a frame, no sharp edges exposed.
  • Avoid mirrored tiles; they break the reflection into pieces, which is a negative.
  • Remove cracked or broken mirrors or mirrors that distort your image in anyway, like convex mirrors.
  • Do not allow dead plants, clutter, or stacks of magazines and newspapers to be reflected.

So make a note to look at the placement of the mirrors in any home you are listing, and make recommendations to correct or enhance the area to quickly improve the flow of energy within any home.

If you are looking for more tips on Feng Shui and Staging, remember to check out my Pinterest Posts available at Step By Step Pins or at my Pinterest Page.

I Love Google+

Yep I said it ~ again! I know there are lots of you agents shaking your heads, but Google+ can be an amazing social media tool! As of May 2013, there were 39 million users, up from 29 million in June 2012. It is now the second most popular form of Social Media behind Facebook!

I know you can’t be everywhere in the Social Media world, but posting your home listings each week as well as venturing into the Hangout arena can bring great results. I have found that people that are active in Google+ are there because they like it there and are interested in actively engaging with others.

You see, there are a lot less junk articles and information to deal with, because you create circles and then share interesting articles and links only with the groups that are interested!

Let’s say you are a Real Estate Agent who has bicycling as a hobby. You can share articles on each with the separate groups you have created. That is not to say that every once in a while you shouldn’t mention to your bicycling group that you are a Real Estate Agent, but it gives you a chance to separate the interests out a bit and allows a more focused approach.

If you missed the earlier article 4 Reasons Why Google+ Beats Out Facebook for Real Estate, click the link to read it now! Here is another good article from RIS Media, “How to Get Into the Google+ Game for Real Estate

If you want to connect with me on Google+, sign up and look for me ~ Kim Upstone and connect! Easy as that!

Congratulations to Andrew Bloom of Bloom/Van Omen & Associates in Scottsdale, AZ for being selected as our Featured Real Estate Professional of September. Andrew’s support of the Step By Step to Sold Realtor and Homeowner Programs allows a donation to be made in his name to the Charity of the Month at The Tenth Woman and One Solitary Child serving women and children in the United States and the world over!

Thanks for joining me today!

My wish is for health and happiness for you and your loved ones!


Kim Upstone




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