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They say a picture is worth a thousand words ~ if that is true then a video is worth a million.

Video connects a  face to your name, it allows people to see your pleasant personality and friendly manner,  all in the convenience and safety of their home or work.

I know from firsthand experience that when people watch you on video they feel they know you personally and if you succeed in creating a video that reflects your caring and kind nature they will be more likely to hire you.

Video is a valuable tool and one not used often enough especially by Realtors. Over 70% of all homebuyers begin their search for a home online, looking for a video, at a website, checking out Facebook, or You Tube before heading out the door to begin their physical search.

Video creates instant familiarity while allowing you to unobtrusively stop by and have a chat. You can provide information about the homes you are selling, it gives you a chance to tell prospective clients a little bit about yourself, allowing you to show small clips of client testimonials, give buyers neighborhood profiles and sell yourself by simply being friendly and providing valuable information to buyers and sellers.

With technology making everything so much easier it takes almost no time to record a video and send it off to You Tube using the camera on your smart phone. That’s right you can record a HD video that looks amazing with most Smart phones and download the video instantly.

So are you thinking to yourself, no way,  I can’t do this I am not technical at all. I will tell you honestly  I am technically challenged and if I can do it so I know you can too. I will walk you through it step by step with a little help from You Tube.

If you are thinking you need to hire a professional to record you I would caution you, it’s alright to have someone give you direction and you certainly don’t want to come off as unprofessional but avoid a  highly polished video looks like an advertisement. No one wants to be sold any more. People want to see the real you not some slick advertisement.

So here goes –

First – Will you be hosting your video on your website or blog or do you want to create a You Tube Channel?  If you have a website it’s a good idea to do a welcome to my website video explaining who you are and what you are all about and how to use the tools you have provided on your website.  In this case you may need a web person to help you embed the video on your website.

If you have a Word Press Blog you can embed your video on the post section pretty easily. I learned from this lady on You Tube

If you don’t have a website or blog then you will want to create a You Tube account. Easy enough to do go to You Tube and if you have a Gmail account you simply enter the Gmail address and a password and you are in. Here is a tutorial on how to do just that

To create a channel in You Tube follow this guy’s directions

Now recording. You can use your Smartphone or purchase a camera. I do longer videos for my other company and sometimes do a bit of video editing myself so I use a Kodak Z18 camera which has a option for an external  microphone and a memory card but unless you are serious about putting in some extra learning time I would stick with the phone.  Here is a good video with some tips for recording video

Remember that you are supposed to be you. People know you are not a professional so put on a smile and show some personality. The more you record the better you will be at it.

Decide ahead of time what your goal is for the video.

If  you showcasing a property then stand outside with the front entry in the background giving people a sneak peak. Tell them about the neighborhood and features of the home and where they can go to view a full video if it is available.

Don’t attempt to substitute a video taken with a Smart phone for one shot by a professional real estate  videographer. With many people starting their search online you will not be able to showcase the home in the best light.

If your goal is to do a quick testimonial then grab your phone and at the closing ask your clients to give you a quick shout out about how easy it is to work with you or show your new homeowners getting the keys to their new home!

Maybe you have a bit of news about something you learned that can be of value to your buyers and sellers then record as if you were teaching someone.

Always remember your goal is not about your ego but to show through your body language and facial expressions how blessed you are to be able to share this with your clients.

So now it’s on your website, blog or You Tube it’s time to put it on Facebook. Create a post and link to your website or blog (these would be the first choice) since you always want traffic sent back to your blog or website if possible or if you don’t have a website to your You Tube channel and post it.

Remember to check out my Step By Step to Sold You Tube Channel here  and sign up to receive all my blog posts right here!

There you go you are on your way to making great videos!



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