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This week’s before and after picture might have you wondering what is wrong with the before picture.

Looks like a nice eating area with enough room to walk around and that would be true but this is why staging and Feng Shui training is so important for every Realtor! Almost anyone can take a really challenging space and make it better but some simple training can help you take a space from just fine to amazing and possibly sell more quickly and for more money! So let’s look at the after and I will give you some direction.


So what have we done? Removed the leaf in the table and two of the chairs, open the blinds, pull back the curtain and place a smaller centerpiece that is less distracting. Total time ~ ten minutes ~ total accomplished ~ allows in more light, makes the room appear larger with more space to walk, and adding a  bit of color on the table adds a finishing touch!



Are you ready for a Videolicious experience?

Video is big ~ but video cameras are not! No longer huge heavy pieces of equipment that you need to lug around. At a moment’s notice our phone becomes a camera that’s quality is amazing for such a tiny devise. It has never been easier for agents to showcase their listings and send the video out in one simple process to You Tube or their own website and even social media. I know you are thinking recording, editing, music and voice-overs, I am a Realtor not a videographer!

Yes, there are times when you will want to hire a professional to capture a home you have listed but this is an opportunity to not only inexpensively showcase a home and have it available to the public and your social media connections but also connect with buyers. In a world of emails and texts people crave personal connection and hearing your voice and even seeing you in the video, if you choose, will allow them to feel as if they already know you.

But you are hesitant because of the amount of work ~ enter Videolicious!

Videolicious is an app that is so simple to use and allows you to do the video production from your Smartphone or Tablet!  Record your video, select the frames or add in still photos, add music and record voice-overs in minutes. All the videos you create are uploaded to your Videolicious account and you can access them whenever you want. Then just add the embed code to your website or publish then to Twitter, Facebook and your You Tube account (which is super easy to set up).

I started with the free account just to try it out. For a non-techie person it was really simple to figure out. There is the free version and two different levels of pay accounts which give you the ability for longer videos and storage for the videos you create!

Check it out now at and let me know what you think!


In my search for interesting articles this week I found an Associated Press Article on AOL Real Estate click through to read the entire article!

U.S. Home Prices See Biggest Jump in 7 Years

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