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Total-Home-SFWEvery Realtor knows what needs to be done to the house above (your thinking a dumpster) however, all homes you list are not this bad! Would you know some subtle changes you could suggest to help stage the room below?


So what is so wrong with this before staging and feng shui picture? This room looks nice ~ oh but there are many ways that this room can be even better using

Feng Shui and Staging! Scroll to see the after picture and learn what we did to make this dining room even more appealing!


So what have we done to make this room appear more spacious, cleaner and more inviting? Removing the tablecloth virtually makes the table disappear, since it is glass it makes the room appear much larger ~ we removed two of the chairs and added crystal accessories (again they offer a decorative appeal but virtually disappear) and removed the tall green plant and the tall vase in the corner. We cleared off the top of the buffet, opening up another vertical surface, making the room appear bigger. In the before picture a buyer that owned a china cabinet and a large table may have believed their furniture would not fit but now it appears if you could have a much larger table and cabinet and still have room. The greenery on the table adds softness for Feng Shui balance to counteract the hard surface and the sharp corners of the table. With very little effort and a few changes you now have a room that is ready to sell.

Would you like to learn all the tricks, tips and secrets of using Feng Shui and Staging to help your homeowners as well as be listed in the National Directory so buyers and sellers can locate YOU ~ check out the Realtor Program now available at Step By Step to Sold!



What does Immigration Reform mean to YOU?

How about 500 MILLION in Real Estate Transactions!

I found this interesting article at RIS Media on Immigration Reform and it’s effect on Home Sales in the US. Read the rest of the article here.


Celebrity Alert! Who could you see lounging in this beautiful pool ~ besides you?

Gorgeous celebrity pools cher

This is Cher’s Malibu Estate. To see more amazing pools please visit Yahoo Homes!

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