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Welcome to Volume 13 Issue 35 of the Homeowner Newsletter

In this week’s Homeowner’s Newsletter will cover:

  • How to Move With Pets

  • More Fun With Shelves  

  • Guess Who Lives Here

Moving with Pets

One of the most stressful times in our lives is often when we move. It can be even more upsetting for our pets, who just don’t understand the disruption to their normal routine and environment. Boxes stacked everywhere, constant activity, and stress filling the air can be upsetting for our four legged friends. This month’s addition to the Library of Articles is all about moving with pets and is filled with tips on making a smooth and safe transition whether moving a few blocks or across the country, by air or by car! Read the entire article located in the Library of Articles exclusive to Total Home Solutions members. Need the link and password again? No problem it is located at the bottom the email you received alerting you to this new post! Can’t find it ~ just email and we will shoot it back to you!


08132013-014-300x198More Fun with Shelves

Last month, I wrote an article on shelf arranging, and I gave you lots of pictures as examples of great shelf arrangements ,if you missed it click here THS Homeowner Newsletter V 13 I 33 to read it. This month, I want to expand upon the shelf arranging and talk about cool ways to temporarily change the way your shelves look without making a permanent commitment on color and style.

When selling, we all know that you should not be drawing attention to your possessions. The buyer should be focusing upon what they will be buying, namely the cabinets, counter-tops, flooring, and walls, not personal possessions that you will take with you like your furniture, accessories, and bedding.

If you know you are moving soon but want something fun but temporary or maybe you are like me and prefer to change out colors every season against your neutral backdrop of walls and furinture.

I have seen so many cute ideas and interesting ways to add color and texture to the back of shelves. Many of the ideas like paint and wall paper are great but are permanent and would need some serious work to change out.

When you add some texture and color, it can change the entire feel of the room, and there are many ways to inexpensively change the looks of some shelves and bookcases quickly and easily. You can even use this method to cover old mirrored backing in a china cabinet, which makes your house look dated and is bad feng shui because of all the separate panes of glass. Or you might want to make opening your armoire’ a treat by covering the inside back panel with a beautiful fabric.

Here is a great tutorial by one of my favorite bloggers, Diane from If you are frightened by the prospect of hot glue guns and burned fingers or tiny paint brushes, let me tell you there is none of that involved. Diane’s method is pretty easy. Simply measure the area, then cut a piece of cardboard the size of the opening, cover it with fabric or a sheet, scrapbooking paper or pieces of wall paper, tape the edges and presto~chango you have a new look!


If the cardboard is cut correctly it should fit in snugly and not require any adhesive. If you do need to secure it, simply use earthquake tabs or dots, little sticky circles that won’t destroy your surface (available at JoAnn fabrics or your local craft store).

I have included some beautiful pictures to give your imagination a jumping off point.


This pretty pink bookcase was created by Centsational Girl ~ Visit her website here to see some more amazing projects!

You can use bright pink foil ~ possibly finding some great gift wrapping paper. This photo is by Tip Junkie and her website is great too!

Beautiful Foil Bookcase

Or you can make it pretty and delicate as the Pretty Handy Girl did in this picture.


You can use a map as seen in Better Homes and Gardens Magazine!

These simple to do changes can add some personality to any space for little $$$ with big results!



Who Lives Here?

Take a look at this month’s Who Lives Here ~ and see if you can guess the owner!


 Well the famous couple doesn’t live here yet, the site is being renovated so they are renting more a more modest mansion while the home undergoes a gutting and a redo worthy of such famous celebrities. So here goes a list of some of the upgrades.

This 5 bedroom home will have Savoir Royal State Beds which take hundreds of hours to create by hand. Each bath will have a gold plated toilet to the tune of $750,000. There will be a Swarovski encrusted Fridge which will cut down on the baby fingerprints when the little one gets old enough to toddle about. A hair and make-up salon, bowling alley, indoor and outdoor pool, basketball court and a movie theater.

Yes, this month’s celeb couple is …. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West!

Wishing you both much happiness!

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Thanks for joining me today!

My wish is everyday is filled with blessings for you and your loved ones!

Kim Upstone

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