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The Real Truth  – You Aren’t Selling a House Your  Selling Your Home.

What! You are always saying “you are selling a house not your home”  take some of the personality out of it before putting it up for sale. It’s true, you want someone to see what they are buying, which are your cabinets, counter-tops, and flooring. You can’t do that with lots of clutter everywhere,  too much furniture and personal items everywhere and so the first step is always going to be to clear out everything that does not need to be there.

One appliance on the kitchen counter, a hand towel on the bathroom counter top and a couple pillows on the bed. If your buyers are looking at a gallery of family photos they are never going to remember the great fireplace the pictures reside over.

But how do you add warmth while removing everything else? The answer is to make the pieces that are visible valuable – not in dollars – valuable in warmth and ambiance.

What if you were to stage your home and apply Feng Shui principals all the while being mindful that you have invited guests into your home?

Let’s think of it as if we were having friends or family over and we want to create an atmosphere they would feel welcome in.

I have listed my TOP  three ways to add value while not cluttering the space.

Red Flowers add a pop of color

Bring in nature with fresh flowers. Pick a neutral color for private areas such as bedroom and bath and bolder colors in public areas like kitchen and family room. Not only are flowers great Feng Shui they also bring beauty and energy to any area. Make certain that the water is always fresh and that any dead leaves or blooms are removed immediately for aesthetics as well as Feng Shui.

Offer a gift. Coming from an Italian heritage I understood early on that you must always invite a guest to join your for something to eat. Since you will not be home to welcome your buyers personally maybe leaving a big bowl of green apples with a small note inviting your guests to help themselves.  How memorable would that be? A gesture of hospitality that will set you apart from the rest of the sellers vying for the buyers attention. Even if they do not partake the heartfelt gesture will remain long after they have left your home.

Add warm and cozy to the area. Whether it is winter or summer everyone loves a comfy throw to cover up with. Warm up your family room and living room (which can sometimes be a more formal unapproachable area) with a throw over the arm of a couch or chair and in a bedroom over the bottom portion of the bed (a solid color with no texture would be wonderful especially on a print or flowered comforter).

Got the idea of what we need to do or you feeling stuck and unsure?  Need more help and specific direction? First check out the Pinterest page to get some ideas ~ just go here or visit and click the header named Pinterest and if you still feel lost or just want to do everything possible to sell your home you may want to check out the Step By Step to Sold Homeowner Program which not only gives you detailed directions for each room but pictures and worksheets to follow. Just type in HOTDEAL at checkout to receive your special THS members discount!

As always my wish is for days filled with love and blessings!


Kim Upstone


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