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This week's most shocking preparation or lack thereof!

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This week's most shocking preparation or lack thereof!

Believe it or not! This is someone’s idea of getting a home ready to sell. I feel for the poor Realtor that is listing this house if this is the best room to take a picture of for the listing!

Outrageous lack of preparation!

Each newsletter we like to select a picture of shocking home preparation or lack any preperation. You as a Real Estate agent have seen it all but today’s winner ~ or loser~  didn’t even make the smallest attempt to prepare  for sale.

Where would you begin in this room. As an expert in the environment and how it affects us I can tell you that you can see (and probably feel)  for yourself this room needs help.


4 Reasons Google+ beats out Facebook for real estate

I love Google+ I know I am in the minority but I like the feedback I get when I post something. It seems that people who hang out there really want to be there and engage with others. I like that you can create circles and share information with specific groups without everyone needing to see things that they are not at all interested in. We all know that it’s impossible to see everything and the junk posts add up pretty easy. I also love that everything I write all across the web I get credit for since I am the author and most of all I love that you as a Realtor can use Google+ Local to promote yourself to your community! If you join Google+ make sure to find me I am under Kim Upstone and we can circle each other!

I found this really good article at Iman which backs up how I feel about Google+.

Social media marketing is changing, I think for the better. Yes, there are many choices, and they seem to change, and come and go as quickly as my teenager’s whims and preferences, but nonetheless, it’s a place we need to be as real estate business owners. Read the rest of the story.


 10695040_sZillow: Home Values To Grow 22 Percent Through 2017 by Broderick Perkins

As a homeowner I love that Zillow is forecasting home values to grow and being associated with the Real Estate Industry I love that you all can make more money from each sale. Click through here to read the whole story!

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Lastly, have a wonderful week and remember that some days may seem long but weeks, months and years fly by so tell the ones you love how much they mean to you every chance you get.



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