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Welcome to this week’s Total Home Solutions Newsletter which this week is a video post! While our new is not quite ready I still wanted to give you all the video on safety I just finished.

Many homeowners spend a lot of time and energy on getting the price right and pay particular attention to the correct preparation ~ I hope using the Step by Step to Sold Programs I created ~ which is an amazing way to assure the best sales price but many are so preoccupied that they may not think a lot about safety.  I don’t want to scare you but strangers will be roaming through your house when it is up for sale. The vast majority of people are honest but we all know there are other people out there that have bad intentions and they can be pretty smart.

I created a must see video that bring to light some of the important safety issues that you should be aware of when selling your home.  Keeping your family and possessions safe is priority #1!

If after you have watched the video you would like to grab the text version and use it to make your list or share it with sellers – you can find it right here.

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Blessings for a safe and successful sale of your home!

Kim Upstone

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