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5 minute fix October1

Our refrigerator is old. Like 12 years old and since it works perfectly I don’t see the need to replace it. But it looks awful inside. The shelves are glass and they have gotten scratched over time and no matter how much time and effort I put into cleaning them they will never again look new. Then there is the miscellaneous stains and spills that happen and no one notices until they require a blow torch to remove them.

I have better things to do with my time than constantly removing all the jars and containers from the shelf, pulling the shelf completely out, soaking it in the sink, scrubbing and drying, trying to find the correct slot to place it back into and finally putting the food back in.

There must be a better way ~ there is and I found it. Dollar Store placemats. First I tried the gripping shelf liner but that was a no-go since all the liquid just seeped through, sticking the liner to the glass. No time saver there.

I was at the Dollar Store and saw plastic placemats in my colors so I grabbed four of them. I simply removed the shelf and cut them to fit the shelf. Because my fridge is wide they don’t cover all the way to the back but the back is where things go to become a science experiment and I am the only with Hazmat  training so they tend to be things that are not opened and/or spilled.

I am so happy with how they look (they are so pretty my husband asked if I was bored because I am now decorating the inside of the fridge) and they save me so much time!

I find they are much easier to wipe than the glass, and they even hide some of the less visible but sticky spills.

I recently bought a couple more and have them cut and ready so when I do need to clean up a big mess I can simply take the stuff off the shelf and replace the placemat. No waiting for the old one to get soaked, scrubbed and dry completely.

Let me know if you decide to try it and if anyone notices!

Blessings for an amazing day!




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