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I never realized that putting in a little bit of time, energy and effort into how your home felt could have such amazing results. I had heard of Feng Shui but have never used it or even knew much about it. I just thought it would be fun to add it to your staging program and boy could we all feel the difference in how our home felt just making a few changes like using crystals and moving a mirror. The whole house feels happier and lighter. I definitely will be using your other program when we move to our new house.

Blessings to you too!

 Susan Johnston
Santa Barbara, CA

The DIY Staging Training for Real Estate Professionals has been invaluable. The tips and lessons in getting a home in superior condition for listing it for sale are absolutely phenomenal.  Both the Realtor and Homeowner lessons are easy to follow making it stress-free to implement.  Having worked with both buyers and sellers many years, I can tell you how important it is to properly prepare a home for sale since it’s competing with all the other homes that the buyer is looking at.  Small adjustments in a room can make all the difference in the world to potential buyers.   This tool has been instrumental in helping our homes sell faster and for higher sales prices!

Kelli Grant

Kelli Grant Realty Group | Platinum Premier Realty


“I am so excited I just had to let you know how easy your Step By Step to Sold Program was to use. Our home was already up for sale when I downloaded the homeowner program and I was able to start making some changes immediately. I used the Top Ten List first and then added some of the feng shui tips and I noticed the difference immediately, not only in the way it looked but how the house felt. Our house sold at the first open house and I think making those changes had a lot to do with it selling so quickly. Now that we are all settled in I am going through the program again to get tips for decorating and feng shui in our new house. Thank you again!”

Denise Andersen

St. Louis, Missouri

I cannot thank you enough for introducing me to the DIY Realtor Training series. It was instrumental in helping to sell my listing in Ancala at 11678 E. Charter Oak. I met with these homeowners to list their home and shared with them your program to help them maximize their profit and sell their home quicker.

When we met we discussed an as-is sell vs a Step by Step to Sold sell. The as-is sell would have resulted in a sales price of about $850,000. It would have resulted in a longer market time, and more flexibility on their final sales price. The Step by Step to Sold sell resulted in a much higher return on their equity. They agreed to do exactly what was recommended in the program and we just put their home in escrow for $965,000! This was 96.5% of their asking price and we sold it in 30 days! They are thrilled with the results.

This program not only resulted in more money for my client, but also more money for me! We sold their home for $115,000 more resulting in $3300 more in commission to me! Additionally, I have a client who is a raving fan of mine and will undoubtedly send me referrals! Thank you so much for introducing me to this program. I will be using it with every client and prospect!

Andrew Bloom

RE/MAX Excalibur Realty


“Our realtor gave us the Step By Step to Sold Program when we listed our house. I had heard about staging but had never heard of feng shui, our realtor thought we needed to make some changes after living in the house for 40 years. I have to admit that I was hesitant but it was really easy to do following the worksheets. There were so many little things we would have missed and we were thrilled when we were able to raise the asking price after we made the changes and then got a full price offer.”

Betsy and Bill Johnson

Chicago, Il

” I panicked when I found out we had to move again, there were already six houses for sale in our neighborhood and they had been sitting for a couple months. I knew we needed to do something to set our house apart but wasn’t sure what to do when I found your audio program. The staging made a huge difference but I think the Feng Shui part really made a big impact in how our house felt. We were shocked as was our realtor when we sold the first week the house was up for sale. Thanks for helping to make the process of getting our house ready to sell so easy ”

Katie Moliver

Fountain Hills, AZ