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DIY Staging for Homeowners
Staging works!
4 out of 5 homes now have some form of formal preparation before being put up for sale – those houses that are ready to sell are your competition.
This program includes …
24/7 access to the virtual classroom. You log on and watch over my shoulder at my screen as I give you examples of everything I am talking about.
Six modules each running about 20 minutes takes you through each room in the inside as well as exterior.
Worksheets ~ if you are a list nut like me and everything needs to be organized I have included in the program check lists for each room ~ print one room that needs more work or print all of them.
Top ten fast track – no time – no I mean really no time – I include a fast track so the most important stuff gets completed first.
Over 200+ pictures and rooms that we virtually stage for you to follow.


Why Are So Many Homeowners Taking Step by Step to Sold Home Staging Program? Let’s let one of of our happy students tell you her story. 
 ” I panicked when I found out we had to move again, there were already six houses for sale in our neighborhood and they had been sitting for a couple months. I knew we needed to do something to set our house apart but wasn’t sure what to do when I found your audio program. The staging made a huge difference but I think the Feng Shui part really made a big impact in how our house felt. We were shocked as was our realtor when we sold the first week the house was up for sale. Thanks for helping to make the process of getting our house ready to sell so easy ”  

Katie Moliver

Fountain Hills, AZ

4 out of 5 Houses are Staged 

Yep it’s true! 80% of houses have formal preparation before being listed or after remaining unsold.  

Make +17% more profit.

On average a staged home sells for 17% more. What will you do with your extra money? 


26 Days

The average days on the market for a staged home is 26. How nice to not have to leave every weekend for open houses. 

No time ~ no money ~ no problem.

With this program you are in complete control ~ time spent ~ money spent if any and making as many changes as you decide are needed. 

You don’t have to Stage your entire house to get the benefits of this program. Even recognizing and then making a few key changes can make your home more appealing to a wide group of buyers ~ I share with you  the Secrets Staging Professionals use to get amazing results.


You might be worried that you need some amazing decorating or interior design ability ~ that would be wrong, most of the people who have taken my program have no special decorating skills – in fact you will walk away after going thru the program with a better understanding of the concepts of balance, use of accessories and color to use in your new home. These are uncomplicated easy to understand concepts. You follow me as we work room to room interior and exterior. 


Did you know that too many pillows on a bed makes it look a size smaller than it actually is. If space in your room is tight, buyers may believe that the bed is a full and that their queen won’t fit. Always go with two decorative pillows and store away the rest. 

Odors can be an immediate turn off to buyers. Learn what products will completely remove pet stains and odors and how to rid furniture and soft furnishings of smoke as well. You will also learn the quickest way to clean your home.



I also include a segment on safety while your house is on the market. Keep in mind strangers will be walking through your home and even if your Realtor is a pro they are not at every showing so for your safety as well as your family and pets attention to this module is vitally important. 

So why not hire a stager? 


You can hire a stager if you need one. There are some amazing stagers ~ among my portfolio of passions is an accreditation for staging.

If you are selling an unoccupied house you should hire someone to help you. Empty houses are a lot harder to sell and you may not need every room staged so hiring a stager ~ which runs on average $675 plus furniture rental might be a good fit.

But your home might not need that much work and if you have been looking at houses you know that you can tell a staged home almost immediately because they look cookie cutter. I want to help you take your home up a notch by showcasing the good features and down playing the not so great.


More money ~ same house.  

SBS Graphic Revised #2
Is Staging Effective? The National Association of Realtors thinks so! 

2015-staging info




My guarantee to you is if you honestly feel after watching the videos and working through the program that you did not learn anything you can use just send an email to me at and I will refund your money – simple as that – but rest assured that as of this date we have never had one request for a refund and I am pretty proud of that fact given the number of people we have served.

Get the Step By Step to Sold  Homeowner Training Now for $77 Just $47
One-Time Only Payment – Includes Lifetime Access and Updates
Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Can’t I just hire a Stager to do the work? 

Absolutely! I am an accredited Stager and there are many other talented Stagers out there that do amazing work. Here are a few reasons to take the training yourself. 

  • There are many homes you will list that don’t need to be a complete staging, and sometimes a few recommendations can mean the difference between SOLD and still available. 
  • Average staging cost is $675.
  • You become more valuable to Sellers because you are providing a service that benefits them as well as yourself. 
  • If you choose you can use a walk thru for staging as a seal the deal when signing a listing as many agents that have taken this class do. 
  • After completing the training you will become aware of changes that can be made in homes you are showing buyers as well which may result in a sale. 
  • With so many homes now being staged by professional stagers, staged homes have become cookie cutter in appearance. After taking this class you will be able to place your own unique touch on each home you list. 
  • If you love Staging homes you can always charge for your staging services offering your expertise to other Realtors and homeowners.

What does the program include?

The program includes everything you need to learn how to Stage a Home for Sale including:

  • 24/7 access because it’s virtual you can go in night or day and work through a module or review a module multiple times
  • 6 videos each running about 20 minutes
  • worksheets for each interior space and exterior so each area of each room is addressed
  • Top Ten Fast Track ~ an alternative for sellers who are short on time or already have the house listed and need a boost to get it sold quickly
  • Pictures ~ I provide over 200 pictures that we talk through as examples of each principal and rooms as we review to virtually stage them. 
  • Included is an module on options that your homeowner may choose to use that allows them to set themselves apart. Also are important safety tips for when a home is on the market, decorating principals on balance along with cleaning, odor and clutter removal tips. 

What does Feng Shui have to do with selling a home? 

When you stage a home to sell you do it to make changes to it’s visible state. When homeowners walk in the home they see more space, appealing colors and decor. The reason Staging is so popular is because most people can’t visualize a space differently than it is, staging makes the change so they don’t need to imagine how much counter space is there, they can plainly see it. 

Feng Shui is all about how someone feels within a space. Energy is what Feng Shui is based upon and homes hold the imprint of the energy, some of which come from people. Life events like divorce, death and illness hold negative energy and many people can feel this energy making them uncomfortable in the space and less likely to buy the home.

My Feng Shui to Sell program are changes that can be made to cleanse the home and make changes that will make the home feel as wonderful as it looks. The combination of visual and feel gives homeowners the best chance to sell because it is allows everyone to see and feel themselves living in the home.  

Why is this program so cheap?

First I also want this to be affordable for everyone.

It’s an important class for people just entering the Real Estate business to take because they will use the information again and again. Agents who have been selling homes for a while will just enjoy having a fun class filled with some new ideas and tips as well as some things that will be a pleasant refresher course. 

What happens if I give you great value for your money?

I get referrals and testimonials just like you do and I sell more programs when the information is useful and beneficial as well as easy to digest and apply in all the homes you list.


 The more I sell the more people I can help. A percentage of everything I sell both here and at my A New Day A New Vision website goes to help those less fortunate. We all win when the program are in reach of anyone wishing to take them. 



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