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Using Feng Shui to Sell Your Home
How can Feng Shui help sell a home? 
The simple answer is it changes how the house feels to the buyers. Staging is visual and Feng Shui enhancements affect the flow of energy which in turn changes the feel of the environment.  
This program includes ...
24/7 access to the virtual classroom. You log on and watch over my shoulder at my screen as I give you examples of everything I am talking about.
Four modules each running about 20 minutes takes you through each room in the inside as well as exterior.

You learn how to perform a clearing or cleansing to remove residual bad energy, which the house retains allowing you to start fresh in each room.

Worksheets to assist you with eminders in each room of issues that need attention and remedies for each issue.
Over 175+ pictures explain each principal as we virtually apply Feng Shui principals.
Why Are So Many Homeowners interested in using Feng Shui to help prepare their home to sell? Let's let one of of our happy customers tell you her story. 

I never realized that putting in a little bit of time, energy and effort into how your home felt could have such amazing results. I had heard of Feng Shui but have never used it or even knew much about it. I just thought it would be fun to add it to your staging program and boy could we all feel the difference in how our home felt just making a few changes like using crystals and moving a mirror. The whole house feels happier and lighter. I definitely will be using your other program when we move to our new house.

Blessings to you too!

 Susan Johnston
Santa Barbara, CA

Feng Shui is not a religion it is about the flow of energy in a space. 

Misconceptions about Feng Shui are plentiful. It has nothing to do with religion or Oriental furnishings.   

This program demystifies concepts that may seem complicated. 

Placement of crystals, wind chimes and mirrors as well as use of green plants and light are easy to follow with step by step direction. 


You can apply remedies and address issues for an entire home in one day. 

Or less if you don't have a lot of issues to address. 

No time ~ no money ~ no problem.

Most remedies will involve clearing of clutter and moving items and you have a choice to add enhancements. 

You don't have to apply Feng Shui to your entire house to get the benefits of this program. Even recognizing and then making a few key changes can make your home feel more appealing to a wide group of buyers. 
You might be worried that you need some certain skill or interior design ability ~ that would be wrong, most of the people who have taken my program have no special skills – in fact you will walk away after going thru the Feng Shui program with a better understanding of the concepts of energy flow and how to change bad flow of energy. All of these principals are uncomplicated easy to understand concepts. You follow me as we work room to room interior and exterior. 

Did you know that location of your home plays a part in the energy that flows into your home and something as simple as adding a gazing ball can deflect bad energy away from the entrance?  

There are two types of bad energy ~ stagnant and fast moving. Either require a remedy to bring the energy to a balance ~ ying and yang! 


Making changes to the entrance if your home is important and enhancements will depend upon where your entrance falls on the Bagua map. A simplified Bagua map is included with the program. 



My guarantee to you is if you honestly feel after watching the videos and working through the program that you did not learn anything you can use just send an email to me at and I will refund your money – simple as that – but rest assured that as of this date we have never had one request for a refund and I am pretty proud of that fact given the number of people we have served.

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What does Feng Shui have to do with selling a home? 

When you stage a home to sell you do it to make changes to it's visible state. When homeowners walk in the home they see more space, appealing colors and decor. The reason Staging is so popular is because most people can't visualize a space differently than it is, staging makes the change so they don't need to imagine how much counter space is there, they can plainly see it. 

Feng Shui is all about how someone feels within a space. Energy is what Feng Shui is based upon and homes hold the imprint of the energy, some of which come from people. Life events like divorce, death and illness hold negative energy and many people can feel this energy making them uncomfortable in the space and less likely to buy the home.

Feng Shui to Sell program makes changes that can be made to cleanse the home so it feels as wonderful as it looks. The combination of visual and feel gives homeowners the best chance to sell because it is allows everyone to see and feel themselves living in the home.  

Why is this program so cheap?

First I also want this to be affordable for everyone.

It's an important class for people who want to do everything possible to help sell their home. 

What happens if I give you great value for your money?

I get referrals and testimonials and I sell more programs. When the information is useful and beneficial as well as easy to digest and easy to apply everyone wins.


 Also the more programs I sell the more people I can help. A percentage of everything I sell both here and at my A New Day A New Vision website goes to help those less fortunate. We all win when the program are in reach of anyone wishing to take them. 



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