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This week’s DIY is one that I wanted to share with you because I think everyone needs to make a conscious choice to put in a little effort ~ or not ~ and take the initiative to become aware of the danger in the products we are using and the foods we are consuming.


This is not how we should have to clean our houses!

This has been close to my heart for many, many years, long before the words organic and green were popular. The use of harmful chemicals in our food and exposure to cleaning, personal care, and toxins applied to our food and leaking into our drinking water is alarming and we all must be our own advocates.

If you already have health related issues you should be especially vigilant about what products you are using.

My children were raised from birth with minimum exposure to pesticide laden foods, cleaning products and personal care products such as sunscreen, bug sprays and lotions and powders and I consider them along with my husband and myself examples of what happens if you do some research, make some small changes and decide to do things a new way.

My children now in their 30’s have chosen to adapt the same practices as I started and if you think we are deprived of anything we are not. We eat snacks, eat sugar and drink alcohol (usually all in moderation) but we make the choice to cook our food the majority of time, at home, instead of eating processed foods, using fresh, toxic free ingredients and to choose products that do no harm to ourselves, refrain from purchasing products that do testing on animals and choose when possible to make products that will not harm the earth in place of using chemical laden concoctions.

So what does living like this get you? I have only had one prescription in my entire life, an antibiotic, and it was so toxic to my system that I ended up in the hospital. Subsequent testing showed that I had severe reactions to all antibiotics. My body naturally heals itself and the same goes for my children and husband.

So how do we accomplish this? Well today I want to cover one piece of the puzzle and that will be the use of cleaning products. Do you know what is in the Windex that is airborne when you spray it and some gets in your lungs? What about the toilet bowl cleaner that gets flushed into the water supply or the Soft Scrub that touches your skin when you scrub the sink?

It has become much easier to get information on products with places like the Environmental Working Group and the Buycott app where they do the leg work for you. Years ago I had to write or call for MSDS sheets for products, if they were even available.

Trusting that any authority will protect you is naïve because the US laws allow manufacturers of cleaning products to use almost any ingredients they wish and the government does not review the safety of products before they are sold.

I will provide a link at the end of this article if you want to do some research on the products you are using.

Today is all about my DIY products for cleaning your home. They are easy to make and clean equally as well or better as products you buy and are way cheaper to use and with a little (most very little) effort you and your family can be virtually chemical free with your cleaning products.

If you need a cleaner for something that is not listed please goggle it ~ there are so many wonderful places to get recipes to clean almost anything.

So what items will you need to be familiar with?  These may be new to some but others are normal household items.

White Vinegar – I buy this by the gallon at Costco ~ cheap!

Salt – I use the coarse grind or Kosher whatever is cheaper.

Baking Soda – just plain old cheap baking soda.

Castile Soap – is a soap made of 100% plant oils – no animal products and no chemicals added so it is completely bio-degradable and does no harm to the earth. I use Dr. Bronner’s Pure Liquid Castile Soap that I buy online.

Here we go…

Window Cleaner –

1 cup White Vinegar

1 cup water

Mix in a spray bottle. shake before each use.

Kitchen Dish Soap –

1 cup Liquid Castile Soap (Citrus – you can use any of the scents but I think the citrus cleans up greasy dishes better)

4 cups water

Mix and use for dishes or countertops.

Drain Cleaner – I do this each month as a maintenance item to keep my drains clear and rarely have a problem.

1 gallon Hot Water – (you can use very hot water but make sure your pipes are metal not plastic if you use boiling water)

½ cup Salt

If you have used a commercial drain cleaner do not do this next step because there can be dangerous chemical reactions.

If that doesn’t do the trick and you haven’t used any other products already add

½ Baking Soda

Then add

½ cup White Vinegar

There will be a slight chemical reaction but it is needed to breaks down the fatty residue and after 15 minutes add more hot water.

Sink Cleaner, Hard Water Residue Remover & Soap scum Remover–

Sprinkle baking soda on a damp cleaning rag and clean the area not rinsing yet.

Combine –

1 cup Dr. Bronners Liquid Castile Soap – (Citrus is what I use)

3 cups water

Spray over the top of the baking soda

Repeat if not completely removed and then rinse with water and dry.

Toilet Bowl Cleaner – place in a squirt bottle like a recycled kitchen detergent bottle.

¼ cup liquid castile soap

2 cups water

2 T baking soda

6 drops essential oil of your choice

Hand Soap – for refilling pump dispensers

4 parts Water

1 part Castile Soap

Well those are a few to get started.

If you want to check the products you are currently using please click the link below.

Place your product in the search area and be ready to be shocked.

Another useful tool is Buycott – it is a free app that – well let’s let them tell you…

Buycott helps you to organize your everyday consumer spending so you can fund causes you support and avoid funding those you disagree with.

So for example a few that I want to be alerted to are products that contain GMO’s, do animal testing and that are making a negative impact upon the Amazon Rain-forest so when I go to buy a new product I scan the bar code on the product and it alerts me if it is in conflict with my interests. I then can make a decision to buy that product or another.

Well I hope I have made you aware of some of the opportunities you have to make an impact upon the world and your own health and wellness. Of course there are many factors involved in a more natural lifestyle but if we address them one at a time and keep learning and trying new things, before we know it we are living a life true to ourselves, one in line with what is important to us ~ our health ~ family and love and concern for each other!






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