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 Beautiful and affordable ideas to transform one room or your entire home. Ideas for Staging to Sell,  DIY Home Projects or simply to browse for fun!

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DIY Staging Your Home to Sell

  • This is really pretty but when Staging to Sell you would want to swap out the orange pumpkins for cream - always try to decorate in a neutral pallet for holidays when your home is for sale.
  • Beautiful kitchen but if selling make sure you remove anything that makes your eye move away from what you are selling. The inspirational words are great but cause your eye to look up and not take in the room first and foremost because that is what you are selling.
  • When staging your home to sell always consider space. This entry is beautiful but if staging the chairs need to go. They serve no purpose and take up too much room ~ Keep in mind you aren't selling a foyer so get them to look ahead to the living spaces.
  • Built ins are beautiful but keep in mind if you plan to move that they will stay with the house
  • This is a great way to make separate areas in a large undefined space.
  • This is a fun idea! But here is a tip if you are selling always be aware of where you eye travels in a room. In this case your eye is drawn up but you need it to remain at eye level so that the cabinets and counter-tops are noticed because that is what you are selling.
  • When staging to sell always remove any optional pieces of furniture like the chest at the end of the bed - it's beautiful but takes up valuable floor space when selling.
  • Careful when spending money on built-ins if you relocate often. Remember they must remain when you leave.
  • Always leave as many stools as possible to show buyers that you have a spacious seating area for guests.
  • Use caution when spending money on built ins ~ remember you can't take them with you when you sell!

DIY Using Feng Shui to Sell Your Home

  • Use care when placing a mirror in the entry it should never reflect the door or a window to allow energy to enter and not be reflected immediately back out
  • Hard surfaces keep Feng Shui energy moving erratically. To slow down the energy add a rug on the floor and a fabric shower curtain over the glass shower doors.
  • Beautiful room ~normally beams on the ceiling are bad for Feng Shui energy flow but the high ceiling and beams and ceiling painted the same color helps
  • Low ceilings and beams make for bad feng shui energy but the energy is less oppressive when the ceiling is higher ~ use the crystal remedy to keep the energy balanced!
  • Mirrors open the space and make it appear larger  and with no exposed edges and bevels on the edge of the mirror is good Feng Shui. Glass top table is great for disappearing without taking visual space and the rounded corners on the glass help with good Feng Shui.
  • Great Feng Shui with rounded corners on the table and crystals on the chandelier.
  • Headboards should never be placed at the bottom of slated walls for optimum Feng Shui energy balance.
  • Mirrors are great for staging ~ they expand the space making areas appear larger and also for Feng Shui ~ because whatever they reflect they double so make sure it is something beautiful like a green plant and not clutter because it's negative energy will be doubled too!
  • A very pretty room but would be made more Feng Shui balanced with the beams painted a lighter color.
  • For Feng Shui purposes you should avoid having the head of the bed under a window if possible.

DIY Home Improvements

  • Gold and black powder room
  • Black washstand
  • Dark Ceramic Tile Wood Plank | Colorado Flooring Options: Wide Plank Wood Flooring | Colorado Pro ...LOVE LOVE LOVE
  • Interior Design Ideas
  • Totally Amazing Ikea Hacks for your Home - The Cottage Market
  • Wow, wow, wow! This home tour shows how you can totally transform a builder grade home by completing DIY home decor projects! Absolutely amazing!
  • See how to  make your own chalkboard labels for pennies!
  • DIY Using Pegboard to Organize Your Home and Workshop
  • With all the new products we can now DIY so many house features that we would have never dare try a few years ago. Counter-tops are one that I have always been hesitant to try but this looks amazing.
  • After an unfortunate pedestal sink install I realized that I need to look at functionality as well as aesthetics before embracing a trend. Read the post here and sign up so you don't miss a thing!

Home Sweet Beautiful Home

  • My home, my paradise no.9
  • Inside a Stylishly Simple Modern Farmhouse
  • Ancient Ivory by Benjamin Moore. Ancient Ivory by Benjamin Moore paint color. Ancient Ivory by Benjamin Moore #AncientIvorybyBenjaminMoore #AncientIvory #BenjaminMoore Heather Scott Home & Design
  • Love this!
  • Using rich textures and dramatic contrasts, designer Tamara Magel creates a glamorous and relaxed space for a busy family of four.
  • Dining Room
  • Tumbled marble backsplash tile all the way up the wall. Sconce over sink window. Brass fixtures in Kitchen.
  • Kitchen
  • All Items now available at like the large clock and large home sign
  • I could totally love living in a small house!