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The Real Truth  – You Aren’t Selling a House Your  Selling Your Home. What! You are always saying “you are selling a house not your home”  take some of the personality out of it before putting it up for sale. It’s true, you want someone to see what they are buying, which are your cabinets, […]


  Welcome to Volume 13 Issue 35 of the Homeowner Newsletter In this week’s Homeowner’s Newsletter will cover: How to Move With Pets More Fun With Shelves   Guess Who Lives Here Moving with Pets One of the most stressful times in our lives is often when we move. It can be even more upsetting […]


Welcome! In this month’s Homeowner Edition we will cover Decorate Your Shelves Like  a Pro  Five Warning Signs that YOU Are Addicted to Pinterest   Fall Maintenance – Getting Your Home Ready for Winter    Decorating Your Shelves When I was in interior design, shelf arrangement was one of the biggest hurdles for homeowners to grasp. […]


This week’s before and after picture might have you wondering what is wrong with the before picture. Looks like a nice eating area with enough room to walk around and that would be true but this is why staging and Feng Shui training is so important for every Realtor! Almost anyone can take a really […]


Every Realtor knows what needs to be done to the house above (your thinking a dumpster) however, all homes you list are not this bad! Would you know some subtle changes you could suggest to help stage the room below? So what is so wrong with this before staging and feng shui picture? This room […]