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The Five Deadly Staging Sins – sellers and real estate pros ~ this is for you! OK, that is a bit dramatic but not knowing what you need to do can cost time, money and stress when selling your home. It is equally important to know what you shouldn’t do when preparing your home for […]


Let’s first clarify a false notion that pets are bad Feng Shui. Pets in general are not bad for the Feng Shui energy of your home. What is bad Feng Shui is people who are not mindful about their pets, their behavior and the role they play in the Feng Shui energy of their home. […]


One factor that can be overlooked when getting your home ready to sell is the focus of some of your time and energy to enhance its appeal to a select group of people, those most likely to make an appearance at your open houses.

OK settle down long time readers!

Yes the first step is to wipe the slate clean, which allows you to attract a wide group of buyers. If you have taken the Total Home Solutions Audio Program and followed the recommendations for Staging and Feng Shui, then you are miles ahead of the other home sellers.

That being said, there are ways to determine and then subtlety appeal to your group, to open your arms and home to welcome a certain demographic depending upon your circumstances.

Let me explain what I mean.

Let’s say that you have already staged and applied Feng Shui principles to your home, and now you are ready to add a little something interesting and pump up the appeal.

What could you do? Something that will not scare away buyers in a different demographic group, while at the same time entices buyers.

It is a balance that can be achieved with forethought and care.