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Quick and Easy Pillow Cover Tutorial ~Using Cloth Napkins and No Zippers! Difficulty *1 (out of 5) Talent needed: Sewing a straight line. Materials: Four Cloth napkins 96″ of 1″ to 2″ wide coordinating ribbon (8 pieces each 12″ – four for each pillow slip) Don’t you hate storing “stuff” especially holiday décor and pillows […]


  You know the popular show on HGTV with Chip and Joanna Gaines who take absolutely awful, run down houses in and around Waco, Texas and make them into absolutely beautiful homes. Well since we can’t all move to Waco, buy a run-down house and have them work their magic, I thought I would break […]


Reclaimed, reused, re-purposed and refurbished are the new buzz words in decorating. I was at an event in Scottsdale called Junk in the Trunk and was blown away by the number of reclaimed items especially windows for sale. I love that they are not ending up in a landfill and that people can be so […]


I love fall and even though we live in Arizona, my heart and soul remain in the Midwest where I lived for most of my life! September may no longer bring slightly cooler days and the beginning of the change of color on the trees, my internal clock, however, says it is time to make […]

DIYHousetoHome Fall

  The easiest way to keep your home in great shape and save yourself a lot of work and expense later is with regular upkeep. Small problems can be fixed before they become a major repair requiring hiring a contractor or worse as an emergency situation as result of water or fire caused by deferred […]


There is something interesting and appealing about the look of wine crates. They bring images of the French countryside and beautiful vineyards of Tuscany. Can’t you just see yourself sitting and sipping a glass of wine overlooking winding country roads, gentle rolling hills lush with greenery and row upon row of grapes lovingly tended to? […]