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I know there are a lot of guys out there saying “hide your television ~ why would you want to do that?”. Think about it, would you place a large black rectangle on the wall for artwork? When the television is off that is exactly what happens.

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I love this DIY that keeps the seaside theme going with shutters that look like they were swept in from the sea.

Lifestyles have changed and as the size of televisions increased the square footage for many of us has decreased and that means more functional spaces are needed and hiding a flat-screen is a great idea to make an area multi-purposed.

I am not a formal gal and would never see the need for having a dedicated room in my home that would only be used for conversation, but many people enjoy a more formal area that is used for coffee and after dinner drinks with friends and family, an area with no television. GASP!


Besides with the tele hidden we might get out of the habit of the constant noise distracting us from more spirit nourishing activities such as reading and listening to music. Quiet, relaxing activities are very important to consciously include in our busy non-stop life. It is tempting to walk in the house, turn on the television and allow yourself to be sucked into the endless rotation, but not always the best use of our free time.

There is the breakdown of meaningful connections that occur when the television is on and for Feng Shui For Your Life (this program is coming soon) those connections are a vital part of wellness and balance.

So here are a few of the covers I found that would work quite nicely to accomplish our objective.

hide it

 Lowe’s offers a DIY track to hang artwork that can slide closed.

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Nest Egg re-purposed a pair of reclaimed doors.

Televisions like all other electronic equipment gives off EMF rays even when the TV is turned off. Electric & magnetic frequencies are a concern. They are more disconcerting in bedrooms and in rooms with infants and small children but affect adults as well. Individuals with special needs or learning challenges such as ADD, ADHD and autism have a heightened sensitivity to their environment and may be negatively impacted by the EMFs.

If you have a special needs individual in your household or simply want to concentrate better yourself click here to get my free eBook  “Feng Shui for Special Needs”.

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Décor Pad

placed an over-sized chalkboard on a track that serves to cover all the electronic equipment while inspiring some creativity.


One option is if you don’t want your television covered is having a screen saver of fish swimming, the ocean waves or the crackling of a fire all which serve to relax you while adding some white noise if silence is not for you. The screensavers are an amazing life affirming way to use your TV for the purpose of live art.


There are even covers that slide open and closed with the touch of a button, remote controlled units are available with many options at

Got some creative ideas on covering up your television please share them in the comment section below!



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