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I have worked with many amazing Realtors and the most successful always have a few qualities in common ~ they are are constantly learning and sharing what they learn, both as a resource for clients as well as for other Realtors and they are focused directly on making sure that buyers and sellers are receiving the best and most current information they can give. 

I want to help you help your clients.

To use this site as a resource you can share articles and use the maintenance schedules in the Library to keep in touch with them on a regular basis.

Providing useful information keeps you top of mind should they or a friend need to sell their home. Just make sure to keep the article intact and proper attribution is needed. 

Categories on the home page right side will allow you to narrow down your blog search.

Some that may help you as well as to share with clients are:

  • DIY Staging Your Home ~Posts to help you prepare your home to sell.
  • Realtor Tips and Tricks ~ To help you help your sellers.
  • DIY Feng Shui Enhancement ~ Making a home feel as great as it looks.

Helpful Links on the right hand side near the bottom is where you will find:

  • FAQ Sellers - answers to questions I am asked most often.
  • Staging Statistics ~ there is a good reason to stage your home, the numbers prove it! 
  • Success Stories ~ testimonials from customers. 
  • DIY Staging to Sell ~ information on the classes available for DIY staging.
  • Who is Kim Upstone? ~ If you want to know more about me! 
  • Affiliate Program ~ I am in the process of creating an affiliate program for licensed Real Estate Agents.

Pinterest Tab

If you are visual you will love Pinterest and here at DIY I give you a sample of my Pinterest DIY page. If you are a Pinner too, I would love to connect!

Some of my boards for you here are:

  • DIY Staging to Sell - Gives examples of some staging principals you can use.
  • DIY Using Feng Shui to Sell Your Home - There are specific principals that can help you sell.

Library of Articles have you checked it out yet? 

It's free and in addition to my FREE eBook to share the Library also has articles like:

  • 7 Costly Mistakes of Selling Without a Realtor
  • Tips for Moving With Pets
  • Feng Shui Your Desk for Prosperity 
  • Important Safety Tips to Keep Your Family and Home Safe When Your Selling
  • Time Management for Realtors

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Other than that you will only hear from me if something amazing is happening - like a freebie or contest so I won't be bugging you all the time ~ promise!

 Programs and Classes

DIY Staging for Sellers - My Step by Step Virtual Program is something you can recommend if your seller needs some direction to get their home properly prepared for buyers. 

DIY Staging Training for Real Estate Professionals  - Is my Step by Step Virtual Program created specifically for Real Estate Professionals. 

Using Feng Shui to Sell Your Home - Another virtual program to boost the effects of staging using Feng Shui Principals.