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The 7 Costly Mistakes of Selling of Selling Your Home 

Selling your home can be a stressful undertaking. It is natural for you to question hiring what is most likely a stranger, trusting them to give you sound advice, and then giving them the keys to your home so they can sell what is probably your biggest asset, and on top of that pay them a percentage of the sale price.
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leavesFall Maintenance To-Do List

The easiest way to keep your home in great shape and save yourself a lot of work and expense later is with regular upkeep. Small problems can be fixed before they become a major repair requiring hiring a contractor or worse as an emergency situation as result of water or fire caused by deferred maintenance. Click view article for a printable fall to-do list.

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Feng Shui Your Desk For Prosperity

Simple enhancements and changes can positively affect prosperity in your life by addressing the flow of prosperity on your desk. You may spend many hours daily at your desk, creating a space that motivates and empowers you as well as enhances the flow of money is important.
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Time Management For Realtors

To a Realtor, time management can mean the difference between a lucrative career or one that flounders. Finding yourself buried in a pile of papers, late to arrive at appointments and leads that are never followed through on is not a position of power and certainly not a position you want to be in. Time management should be a top priority for you because to make money you must be productive. To be productive you must be able to manage your time wisely.
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Picking The Right Realtor

Hiring a Realtor should not be done by driving through the neighborhood and picking a name from a For Sale sign. You should have questions to ask and have an idea ahead of time what answers you are looking for them to provide. I have compiled ten questions that will help you know if you are selecting the best Realtor to sell your home.
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