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Let’s first clarify a false notion that pets are bad Feng Shui. Pets in general are not bad for the Feng Shui energy of your home. What is bad Feng Shui is people who are not mindful about their pets, their behavior and the role they play in the Feng Shui energy of their home.

All living beings in a space are affected by and create Feng Shui energy. Movement and sound can be beneficial or have a negative impact upon your home.

There is a strong connection between pets and their people. A pet is simply a reflection of the owner’s spirituality, emotional stability and psychological mindfulness and reflect the way the owner chooses to live within any space they inhabit.

If you are frenzied,  the energy in your home follows suit and chances are that your pets follow your energy and mimic the same traits.

Calm homes tend to have calm pets. Pets are in tune to the energy you create and respond in kind.

Let’s address cats and dogs individually since they are the most common pets and are very different from each other as far as Feng Shui is concerned.

Cats tend to be drawn to areas of negative energy.

For a long time, the belief was that cats were drawn to electronic equipment because of the warmth it gives off but it is now believed that it is the EMFs they are drawn to.

EMFs are given off by all electronic equipment like computer monitors and televisions, basically anything plugged into an outlet, energy flows through, even if it is turned off.

Electric & magnetic frequencies are a concern. They are more harmful for infants and small children but affect everyone.

Because cats are drawn to negative, stagnant energy they tend to move into corners of the room and under furniture which tends to disperse the negative energy settled there, for our benefit.

Their litter boxes are considered bad Feng Shui and should be kept clean with no odor omitting. Choosing a hooded litter box will help, but care should be used in placement within your home that the box not be placed in the wealth or relationship areas of the Bagua map of your home. A link for a simplified Bagua map is available for you in the link below.

Bagua Map

Bagua maps are an important part of determining the areas of your home for review of problems and enhancements which are addressed in detail my Feng Shui to Sell Program as well as the new virtual training Feng Shui your Home and Life which will be released in August.

Pay close attention to where your cats gravitate to in your home when they are away from you (they may be where you are for companionship, for some cats not so much) so the areas they retreat to, to be alone may be negative energy areas within your home and could be addressed with remedies of a clearing of energies or other Feng Shui remedies.

Dogs tend to be drawn towards positive energy and are very in tune with positive energy spots within your home.

I am certain that you have seen your dog circle, sniff and move before settling on a suitable energy spot to lay and then without reason get up and move to another area better suited to the flow.

With the offer of unconditional love and companionship while requiring little in return, the energy they create has a very positive impact. Their protective nature gives us the feeling of security, however, misbehavior and excessive barking brings stress and negative energy into the space.


Dogs that rule the home create fear and stress for homeowners and visitors who will leave residual negative energy and steps should be taken to make sure they are crated in another area or behavior training used.

Dog waste should be picked up often since uncleanliness is bad Feng Shui and leaving their waste in common areas or another person’s yard without picking it up is bad Karma for you and should be avoided.

We have all read that people with pets are healthier and live longer but also have less stress related diseases and proof of that may be a cat’s ability to absorb negative energy and convert it to give off positive energy and a dog’s ability to bring that positive energy of love to each interaction.

Rabbits are wonderful pets, being quite gentle and quiet.


Birds while quite noisy will increase the positive energy but should never be caged (seems impractical to me) but the belief is that keeping a bird caged restricts it’s free nature and will keep you caged as well and always make sure all of your pets are given nutritious foods and fresh clean water.

Small turtles are said to promote wealth and protection while increasing the longevity of the people residing in the home.

Always spend time doing your research on different breeds of whatever pet you are looking for before deciding to bring one into your home as temperament and personality, time and effort to care for them properly, reflects directly upon the energy in your home and thus your health and well-being.

I know that I have been blessed with many pets who have shared unconditional love and positive energy and my hope is that your pets bring love and happiness to your heart and home too.

Kim & Frankie


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