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What is Home Staging?

Home staging is preparing your home for sale with the objective of selling quicker and for more money.

Why do I need to stage my home?

Because your competition is staging their homes. Cleaning and minor repairs are no longer enough. If you want to make the most money and have the best opportunity for a quick sale, then DIY Staging is your answer.

Four out of five homes sold now have some form of staging done before being placed for sale.
What does that tell you? It works!

Unfortunately some of those homes were staged after remaining on the market unsold or after having to make price reductions. If only they had staged first and not wasted time, because:

  • Statistically staged homes sell 65% faster. 
  • And make on average 17% more money than unstaged homes.
  • Here are some additional Statistics

What is the difference between Staging and Interior Decorating?

Interior Decorating is focused upon making visual changes based upon your personal taste and likes. In essence, Interior Decorating creates a home that is more desirable to you, the homeowner.

Staging is focused solely on creating visual changes to enhance and remedy issues that may affect the sale with the goal of appealing to a wide range of buyers.

What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is the Chinese art of arranging objects within a space to achieve energy, harmony, and balance. It is not a religion, and you do not need to embrace a certain style of furniture, color, or decor to apply its principles.

Feng Shui affects how you, your family and anyone entering your home, including buyers, feel in a space.  It is applied at your discretion with the ultimate goal of creating a peaceful, harmonious home, office, and life.

In the United States, it is a new field known as Neuro-architecture and is used by hospitals, shopping malls, and restaurants to entice people and to achieve their individual objectives.

Can I really stage my own home and apply Feng Shui principles even if I am not good at decorating?

Absolutely! Read through the testimonials and you will see why. This program is step by step ~ room by room. You simply watch and listen as the Virtual Program plays, then working on filling out the supplied worksheet, which are included ready to print for each room, so nothing important is missed. YOU make the changes; YOU decide what needs to get completed based upon your time and budget.

What is so special about using Staging and Feng Shui together?

Staging and Feng Shui alone are amazing, but when used together they are a powerful force.

Staging works visually to enhance your home with awareness of furniture and it’s placement, color, and clearing of clutter, resulting in a home that is more appealing aesthetically.

Feng Shui enhances how you feel within a space. So when buyers enter your home, they “feel” wonderful. Your home welcomes them and becomes a comfortable place that they feel like could be their next home.

With 65% of the people affected by visual interaction and 25% sensitive to their environment, you are now reaching 90% of people with the use of the combination of Staging (visual) and Feng Shui (feeling).

How much time and money is involved in staging and applying Feng Shui?

Just the cost of the program. From there, you determine your priorities and if you want to invest to make any needed changes. You determine the amount of time you want to put in, and you also control the budget.

Your part involves watching and listening to the program for each room and determining from the worksheet what needs to be cleaned, moved, and completed. For the Feng Shui to Sell Program you decide what principles should be applied.

You now have a concise list of cleaning and repairs that need to get done. At this point, you can hire out all the repairs and cleaning or clean and make the changes yourself. You choose the order of rooms to complete as you work your way through your home.

Is there a guarantee if I do everything and my home doesn't sell?

There are many factors that play a part in the successful sale of a home: picking the right Realtor, correct pricing of your home, and of course following the program among them.

I have no control over the realtor you choose or the price you are asking, but I know there is no program that can compare to the information this program provides.

If you have followed the program completely and have done everything on the list to help it sell, I will certainly refund the price of the program.

How long do I need to wait for the program to arrive?

No waiting! The link is delivered within minutes of your purchase, so the sooner you act the sooner you can get started making those changes that will set you on your way to a successful home sale!