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What is Home Staging?

I am pretty certain if you are a Realtor you know what home staging is and have seen the changes it can make when applied to a house for sale. But just in case you are new to Real Estate – it is preparing a home for sale to create a house that will appeal to the widest range of buyers with the objective of selling quicker and for more money.

What are the benefits of my sellers staging their homes?

There are so many, but here are a few of the top reasons:

The competition is staging their homes. Four out of five homes sold now have had some form of staging done prior to being placed for sale or unfortunately as a last ditch effort after it has remained unsold.

Everything has changed; cleaning and minor repairs are simply no longer enough. Your sellers need to be involved in preparing their home, understanding what is most important to do and to get done before the home goes up for sale.

Statistically, staged homes sell 65% faster and on average make 17% more money than unstaged homes.

What does this mean to you?

  • reduced expenses – less money spent on marketing
  • saves time – the quicker it sells, the less time sitting at open houses
  • higher asking price – more commission dollars
  • happy sellers – give referrals to friends and neighbors selling their homes

What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is the Chinese art of arranging objects within a space to achieve energy, harmony, and balance. It is not a religion, and you do not need to embrace a certain style of furniture or decorating style to apply its principles.

Feng Shui affects how buyers feel in a space.  Its principles are applied as needed with the ultimate goal of creating a peaceful, harmonious home, office, and life.

Something as simple as the placement of a mirror or use of color in flowers at the front entry can have a positive effect upon the energy entering a home, as well as attract more buyers.

Also known as Neuro-architecture in the United States, major corporations, hospitals, and shopping malls are now incorporating its principles to achieve their individual objectives.

What is so special about Staging and Feng Shui together?

Staging and Feng Shui separately are amazing tools, and when used together they are a powerful force.

Staging changes a home visually with attention to furniture, color, clearing of clutter, and more. The result is a home that is more appealing aesthetically.

Feng Shui principles enhance the way people feel within a space. When buyers enter the home they “feel” peaceful and calm. It becomes a comfortable place where they feel right at home.

With 65% of people more affected by visual interaction and 25% more sensitive to their environment, you are now reaching 90% of the population with the use of the combination of Staging (visual) and Feng Shui (feeling).

Can my homeowners really stage their homes and apply Feng Shui principles?

The Homeowner program is amazingly easy to use. I have developed that Virtual Program not to train sellers in Staging and Feng Shui, but to teach them to look at their environment and then they can make the appropriate changes.

By educating homeowners to be aware of potential problems and providing remedies, they can then look at current situations and make enhancements.

My Virtual Program and printable worksheets guide them room by room, so nothing is overlooked or missed. One module is on safety when your home is on the market, a big issue in today’s world, and another has ideas they can implement that will further set their home apart from other homes on the market. Everything they learn is geared toward the preparation and sale of their home.

This empowers them to take control of the investments of their money and time, making it easier for you to get their home sold.

Why do I need to learn Staging and Feng Shui?

With most Homeowners now putting a premium on staging, being trained in Staging as well as Feng Shui means instant credibility. How impressed will a prospective client be when you tell them as a signing gift they will receive not only the benefit of your guidance in the sale, but also a discount (if you are a Realtor Affiliate) in a program that will provide the knowledge they need to prepare their home.

You can also charge for your services if your homeowner is not interested in taking the program themselves. You have the option of simply consulting or actively doing the staging yourself after completing the program and charging accordingly.

What is the difference between the Realtor and Homeowner Training?

The homeowner training is focused on action. There is much less emphasis on the reasons we are making the change and more attention to getting their home ready to sell.

The Realtor Virtual Training provides the reasoning behind the changes that need to be made and the principles that will be applied to remedy or enhance the home. This is the best way to learn the program, because it allows you to spot problems and then make enhancements to a wide variety of homes and circumstances including your own.

How long will it take me to work through the Step By Step Realtor Program?

I created the Realtor Program with your busy days in mind. It is recorded in separate modules all about 20 minutes in legnth, and includes excel worksheets for each interior and exterior area, open house and Top Ten list to be printed as well as pictures each step to refer to as you learn.