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I love fall and even though we live in Arizona, my heart and soul remain in the Midwest where I lived for most of my life! September may no longer bring slightly cooler days and the beginning of the change of color on the trees, my internal clock, however, says it is time to make some changes to the décor.

I am not ready for the Halloween décor, but pumpkins and mums are a welcome change. The last couple years I have really worked hard at simplifying everything and it has carried over into every area of my life including a simplified color scheme. This year I am going all in by doing a color scheme in creams, browns, bronze and a touch of black ~ only ~ no other colors!

Accessories with oranges and rusts will either be painted to a color that matches my new simple scheme or donated. Orange linens will be replaced or repurposed and since I went with a black and cream color pallet for all my bowls, dishes, linens and platters I no longer need to store the assorted collection of rust dishes , platters with turkeys on them and the array of turkey and pumpkin salt and pepper shakers collected through the years.

My old fall doormat needed to go since the color pallet is being converted outside too and I wanted to make something personalized. This doormat is in a protected area so I was able to put on some fabric bows but I did apply two coats of Scotchguard to the entire mat before I placed outside.

So here is the tutorial for a Fall Doormat.

09222015 019









Supplies ~

*Doormat of your choice

Outdoor Acrylic Paints in the colors you need to make your mat

Blank plastic Stencil sheet or old ads from your junk mail

Stencil or a printer

Black Sharpie

Ribbon or trim (optional)


*Purchase a mat in any color and size you want. Mine needs to be rolled up to be stored in a crate so I chose a flexible mat. I picked this one up for $5.99 at Home Goods. It is actually labeled as a bath mat so I think it’s pretty durable and should be waterproof even before I treated it with the Scotchguard Outdoor Protection.

Keep in mind that the more texture on the surface of the mat the harder it is to paint clean lines and details. There were other options when I picked mine up some were really textured and some that were not textured at all. The one I chose is right in the middle as far as texture is concerned.

Decide on your design and your colors. One big pumpkin ~ three little pumpkins ~ your name ~ or no name ~ plain old welcome or welcome fall ~ falling leaves ~  just about anything your heart desires.

For the pumpkins –

I have included a template for the pumpkin and a bow. I used the ribbon but if your mat is exposed to the elements or you have a lot of rain and mud then you will be better off painting on a bow ~

Pumpkin and Bow Template

09222015 001


If you are creating you own stencil from my template- print the page and then cut out the pumpkin along the outside edge and trace onto your stencil plastic or advertising piece leaving the outside piece intact – keep the inside pumpkin shape intact we will use it for the shading. Note: I save the heavier junk mail ads that are slick – see the picture – to use for my stencils they hold up really well to the paint and then I don’t have to wash the stencil ~  they were going to be tossed anyway so it’s the lazy gals way or you can purchase the plastic sheets at a hobby store.

09222015 003

Lay out your pattern – tape the edges and paint the pumpkin- paint the outside edges on the paper and on the mat which will give you a good outline. It may take 2 coats to cover all of the pumpkin but the outdoor paint, depending on how thick you apply the paint covers pretty well.

09222015 006

When the paint is dry cut the pumpkin middle piece you saved along the black lines line up with the template lines and cut to use as shading lines (see the picture above) – lay them down and use a bit of color along the line to make it look like a real pumpkin.

09222015 007

Take the stem piece and lay at the top of the pumpkin and use the Sharpie to trace around – take black paint and fill it in. Cut out the bow if you are not using the ribbon and again trace around and paint with whatever color you choose.

09222015 008

For the letters you can buy a stencil of the alphabet at a hobby store or you can make the letters on your computer and print them (these are 200 Font size – cut them out – lay them out so it looks good to you and then trace around them with the Sharpie – make sure to leave enough room between the letters so they don’t run into each other when painted. Paint them just like you did the pumpkins and you are almost done.

09222015 013


Finish it off by adding the ribbon and 2 coats of Scotchguard, place it by your door and you are done!

Now I need to finish off the rest of the area. I came up with an idea for a planter that I can change  from Fall ~to~ Halloween ~to~ Thanksgiving with little effort so we will be back with that tutorial next week.

Blessings for a beautiful week!





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