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A couple years ago I saw one of these fabric covers for a tissue box in a gift shop and immediately went home and created my own pattern. This is my most requested free pattern so I hope you will give one a try for the holidays. There is no stopping me now because I make them for every holiday and since I make most of my own bed coverings and window treatments I can make them to match my decor!

They are pretty easy to make and are so much more fun than just plain old cardboard tissue boxes so here goes the tutorial!

Supplies to make the tissue box cover:

1/2 yard of fabric (this is actually enough fabric to make two covers) if your fabric is 45″ wide.

30 inches of 1/2″ wide ribbon (for each cover)

Thread to match fabric

You will also need the standard sewing gear – pins, scissor, one safety pin and ruler and sewing machine.

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Cut one piece of fabric 15″ long 9 1/2″ from the fold (which would be 19″ when laid open flat)

**Make sure you have the pattern in the fabric running the correct direction before cutting the 2″ squares out they are at the bottom of the box..

Mark and cut out a 2 inch x 2 inch square through both layers on the seam side and the fold side.

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Sew the bottom and the 15 “side opening with a 1/4 inch seam.

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Take the center seam on each 2 inch cut and bring them together to form the bottom square. Stitch the length of the opening.

Blog 11172015#4

This forms the bottom square for the bottom of the box.

Blog 11172015 #6

Fold down 1/4 inch on the upper edge and press and stitch in place. Fold down another 3 inches and press.

Blog 11172015 #5

We will be creating a channel for the ribbon by stitching one inch from the top fold and one inch from the bottom edge.

 *To easily keep the stitching line straight place a piece of blue painters tape or scotch tape on the sewing machine and simply line up the edge of the fabric with the tape and sew all the way around.

We need to create a small opening for the ribbon. You can choose to hand stitch the tiny opening or if you think ahead, before making the channel, you can make a small buttonhole (Obviously on this one I forgot ahead of time). When the ribbon is inserted you will not see the stitching around the opening at all.

Blog 11172015 #7

Insert the safety pin on one edge of the ribbon and slip through the channel. Trim the edges of the ribbon, insert the tissue box and pull the ribbon gathering but leaving room for the tissue to be pulled out. Tie a pretty bow and you are all done!

As we approach Thanksgiving I hope that you are blessed with a beautiful day filled with gratitude for all our blessings, appreciation for all those who serve so unselfishly so we can enjoy this day in any way we choose and for life because there are many who would gladly trade places with us no matter the circumstances of our lives.




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