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I don’t know how you feel but one of my biggest frustrations is when I have to search for tools and supplies when I am in the middle of a DIY project, or worse yet buy a tool or hardware only to discover I already owned one but it wasn’t where I could find it, so I forgot I had it.

At our last house I installed pegboard along one wall in my garage and it worked well but every time I removed a tool the peg hanger also fell off. My solution was to figure out what tools I want to hang, label the spot it hung from and glue the peg hanger to the board. I haven’t gotten that far in this house but it’s on my list.

In this house I have the pegboard hung and added some buckets hung from hooks so I can at least locate screw drivers and wrenches without wasting a lot of time.

I came across this Better Homes and Gardens post here BHG on using pegboard and some of the ideas are really good, not just for tools using pegboard for everyday organizing.

Here are a few of my favorites








Ginger Snap has a tutorial on how to hang pegboard!

Hope you get some ideas from it too!




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