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You know the popular show on HGTV with Chip and Joanna Gaines who take absolutely awful, run down houses in and around Waco, Texas and make them into absolutely beautiful homes.

Well since we can’t all move to Waco, buy a run-down house and have them work their magic, I thought I would break down some of the elements that make JoAnna’s designs so aesthetically pleasing.

While the style is truly eclectic it is still calming and pleasing, making you feel like you could walk in and sit down which is exactly why I think their popularity has soared ~ that and the fact that they are down to earth, friendly and Chip is so funny and does the craziest things.

Practicing Feng Shui I believe that the reason the rooms feel so wonderful, even on the television is because she is knowingly or unknowingly using some Feng Shui practices which change the feel of a room while design changes the appearance. These homes touch on both.

We all want to create a home that is pleasing to the eye, and feels warm and cozy. But a room filled with things that looks like they were loved and collected over time, but yet doesn’t look old and junky is harder than you can image.

Looking at some of the methods she repeats in homes, we can learn a lot. There is a mix but the mix is calculated. Smaller pieces are either a pop of color repeated or darker and typically stand alone items like one piece hanging on a wall. Horizontal surfaces are all similar in color and repeated at least three times. Larger pieces are usually a different tone of wood or metal and there is always one piece in the room that makes a big statement. Use of glass vases with flowers that are white or cream is a theme, as well as metal is used in every room.

Let’s look at some of Joanna’s beautiful designs and talk about the elements that make then so amazing. All photos are courtesy of HGTV and Fixer Upper and I hope that you will click any of the links and check out the more than 600 pictures available to browse through.

Fixer 9

HGTV/Fixer Upper

Wood flooring is the basis of almost all of the rooms Joanna designs. Usually darker wood but even the lighter tones serve to ground the area while providing a neutral base for the rest of the furniture and accessories. There is often an area rug added to define the space, if there is a rug you will notice that it will have a lot of texture and the few that have pattern you will notice it is a neutral color and will be the only pattern in the room.

Fixer 8

HGTV/Fixer Upper

Glass. Designers and Stagers know that glass is an amazing element to add to rooms. It reflects light, giving even a room without a lot of natural light the appearance of brightness. Glass when used in light fixtures offers an unobstructed view and glass tables, whether side tables or dining tables seemingly disappears making a space appear bigger than it actually is and glass vases give the look of accessories while not distracting the eye from other more prominent features in the room.

Fixer 1

HGTV/Fixer Upper

Wood finishes and metals all mixed together. This is a perfect example of Joanna’s method of mixing. Island top, beam and table top (as well as the floor) are the three repeat of the same wood tone, white cabinets and whitewash hutch, and dark metal on the smaller pieces ~ hanging pendants, metal tray, stools and wall sconces all allow the eye to travel around the room and add interest.


HGTV/Fixer Upper

Of all the design elements Joanna selects for each house I look forward to the one piece she adds in each room that is interesting and makes a statement. It may be a vintage window, large clocks (which are a reoccurring theme) or maybe an interesting architectural element.


HGTV/Fixer Upper

Each room also has a touch of softness with use of upholstery on furniture and chairs as well as neutral wall color.


HGTV/Fixer Upper

Balance and symmetry. There are rules that apply when placing accessories but somehow she can break the rules and it still looks amazing like the off center vases and unconventional placement of items on the shelves. She certainly has a talent for placement.


HGTV/Fixer Upper

And finally the accessories she chooses and the way in which she combines the pieces is inspiring. An old metal basket becomes a bed tray with a couple of old books and a vase of flowers in the first picture and and a reclaimed tool box with greenery that serves as a centerpiece in the other.

Well I am motivated to make some changes in my home anad I hope that you have become inspired to try adding some of these elements to your home.

If you haven’t seen Fixer Upper just look at the HGTV website and click on Fixer Upper and see when the show airs in your area. I have watched each episode and reruns again and again for ideas and inspiration and for the entertainment that Chip provides.

Blessings for a beautiful week to all who are here with me and let me know what you think ~ would you take on a Fixer Upper?


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