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There is something interesting and appealing about the look of wine crates. They bring images of the French countryside and beautiful vineyards of Tuscany.

Can’t you just see yourself sitting and sipping a glass of wine overlooking winding country roads, gentle rolling hills lush with greenery and row upon row of grapes lovingly tended to? There is history and tradition and it is comforting in this hurry and rush to get everything quickly that there are still things in this world that can’t be rushed, things that are still made by hand and places where time seems to stand still.

This week I thought I would gather some ideas for DIY projects using wine crates, often discarded, though they are getting harder to come by. If you ask your local store they may gift you a few or if you buy a few bottles at some smaller local wine stores you can ask for one and some larger stores now sell them. I have included a few links at the end if you can’t find any store near you and are interested in purchasing them.

If you are anything like me you may fall in love with an idea and become obsessed about a project and you simply can’t wait until you stumble upon a crate and it is all that is all you can think about, so buying one is the quickest way to assure you get your hands on one.



I love the random configuration of this look. If you need a lot of storage this would be a fun way to create a feature wall. Of course you wouldn’t need to have just wine and glasses but could add books, greenery or pictures. One downfall to this is all the beautiful text and script on the sides is hidden.



A dark stain, rollers and handles transforms a wine crate into a beautiful storage piece that is also functional.



This is a great idea for a side table. Unless you needed a table that was portable, shorter legs, maybe something similar to the chair would be amazing ~ you can purchase them at a hardware store and they might be a better choice than rollers.



Hanging the wine crate on a wall gives you a narrow shelf for extra storage and leaving the top divider in place would allow a place for hand towels rolled up.



Hanging different sizes and painting the interior a uniform color is an interesting way to show off your tchotchkes and is more fun than a conventional bookcase.



Adding brackets gives the crates a more decorative look and allows you to add heavier items like books and larger pieces of pottery.



Even a crate resting on a counter-top can help expand the storage in a small kitchen.


Darling Street

Pipe fittings added as brackets to an individual wine crate could hold supplies in a home office ~ things like containers of pens, pencils or even craft supplies or in a kitchen pots of herbs.

Here is the link where I ordered my crate  Wine Pine I haven’t received them yet but when I do and get my project finished I will post some picturesSept22015Iikea

You can also buy plain wooden crates ~ cheap ~ 4.99 for a 9″x 12″ and 9.99 for a 12″x 18″ at Ikea if you like the look but aren’t into the wine crate vibe.

Now one last quick tip ~ when you are asked why you drink so much wine you can say  as I do ~ I use the corks for craft projects and I need to drink wine by the case so I can get the beautiful boxes to decorate with!

Blessings for a beautiful day!






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