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Design Style – Why You Don’t Need One

I have a question to ask you ~ do you feel the need to define your décor style?

I have a second question ~ why do you feel you need a defined style?

I see it everywhere, take this test to define your décor style. There is country ~ farmhouse country ~ cottage country ~ shabby chic country ~ industrial ~ contemporary ~ modern ~ coastal ~ traditional ~ Bohemian and eclectic – WHO CARES!

What is more important to ask yourself is ~ do I even know what you love, what appeals to me and suits my lifestyle?

Knowing those answers will save you a lot of money, time and effort.

So let’s break this all down and give you some direction so you can be more aware of what you really need to be paying more attention to when you are choosing pieces to invest in and surround yourself with.

Decorating, just like your life is a journey not a destination so learning how to create a home you love is an ongoing process. Everything changes and knowing and loving the process of creating a home that not only works but that you love coming home to makes it fun and exciting.

What do you love?


0209a - Copy

This is my closet – bottom row is mine. Now you can only see about a third of the entire closet but on that bottom row are exactly 7 pieces of clothing that are not black, cream or white and I rarely, if ever wear those 7 pieces of clothing. I like soft fabrics allowing the texture or addition of accessories to create interest.

0209b - Copy

This is my bedroom.


 This is my kitchen.


 This is my family room.

I have had the same base colors for 30 years and I never tire of it. I have ventured into reds, oranges and green (coincidentally those are the colors of the few pieces of clothing of color in my closet) but have always come back to what works for us and to the colors that I love. Just like my closet I use texture and accessories to create some interest.

So look in your closet. What do you wear the most? Look at the pieces that fill your closet.

Now if you are in the majority you wear 20% of your clothes 80% of the time so look specifically at what you wear often for some clues.

If you love khakis and button down neatly pressed shirts then you’re more likely to like clean lines on furniture and neutral colors.

If you love tie died shirts and Bohemian style skirts and sandals then you will probably love an eclectic style with lots of color and casual easy furniture and accessories that look like they have been collected from travels.

If you find yourself with a closet filled with neutrals (black, navy, white, cream and khaki) and not a lot of color you would be more comfortable in a room without a lot of décor noise and color creating calm, peaceful spaces made more interesting with the use of texture in place of color.

What about the worn out jeans and flannel shirts closet, well I would venture a guess that slightly more of a country vibe is your style. Comfortable furniture and casual style with decorative pillows that you can actually use.

And the suit and silk blouse crowd will likely like a formal décor with brocades and silks.

What appeals to you?


Yes, this is my laundry room.

So look around you and write down in each room what you LOVE and must keep ~ incorporate and integrate into your new look.


Do you know what is pleasing to you or have you kept going down a path that you started on long ago? This is an amazing time in the world of creating a home that truly reflects you. No longer are we tied to buying groups of furniture from showrooms that all match. We can now mix styles, fabrics and wood tones in natural and even painted finishes mixed with metals. Reclaimed wood walls and floors are used with sleek concrete counter-tops.


One of my Pinterest Boards (connect with me here)

So if you are not sure what appeals a good place to start is to you head on over to Pinterest and type in “décor inspiration” and you will get thousands of ideas. Create a board at Pinterest or a file on your computer to save the pictures you like (you can save almost any picture this way but to do this at Pinterest you need to get beyond the Pinterest feed page – click on the picture to bring up the next page – hover on the picture – right click and select save picture as – then select the file you created and click save).


This picture, which is one of my favorites has already been repined from my Pinterest board over 1200 times.

Your work is not done though because you need to take a good look at the picture and determine what you love about it. Is it the color of cabinet or a particular feature of the cabinet? Do you love the colors or the overall feel or maybe it is one accessory or the mix of texture that you love? Determining this will save you a lot of money because it will drill down on what does “it” for you and begin adding “it” to your space and you will also know what no longer does “it” for you and you now know what to get rid of.

Tips to keep in mind while you are on your journey.

“Big ticket items” should be neutral. Flooring, furniture, dining tables and cabinets are the staples that everything else can be changed out around. Brown, black, tan, khaki, cream and white are all good starting points and will blend well with a change in color, season or mood.

Be fearless. It’s just paint or a few throw pillows. I always like to bring in a touch of color before committing to painting an entire room or  purchasing an expensive duvet cover – basically anything that takes up a large volume of space but paint and smaller furnishings can be changed out pretty easily so if you are bold “just do it”.

Think about what you want from the room. If you have pets and kids then even though you love white furniture or carpet it will most likely mean stress and frustration. Life is too short to worry about “stuff”. Maybe there is a compromise like easy to clean slipcovers or more durable fabrics.

Realize that just like you, your home has a spirit and a soul which is a reflection of you, so honor it by creating a space that you love.























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