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I love to sew and I especially love quilting! I wish I had more time to quilt but it is labor intensive and time consuming so for now it’s limited to gifts for new babies, since they are mini and their quilts are a lot less work.

A new friend who had never been to my house before stopped over recently commented that she loved all the ways I have added quilts into so many rooms in my home without it looking like Grandma’s house in the country.

I got to thinking of all the quilts I see at thrift stores or rummage sales. It breaks my heart that somebody spent hours creating these amazing work of love, maybe if their family had some ideas on how to use it for more than just a bed covering they might think twice about parting with them.

I wanted to share with you today some of the ways to display and use quilts that are a little more creative than just tossing them on a bed.

Railing decoration – you can place a quilt or a few quilts draped over a railing adding some style to a plain railing or to obstruct a view you don’t want seen.


The Lettered Cottage

As a headboard – this is a fun way to show off quilts create a casing at the top or simply using drapery clips and a rod. This is especially fun for those who get tired of the same look all the time because the headboard/quilt can be changed out with the seasons or simply on a whim.



As a tablecloth – this is a great way to add interest, color and texture to a kitchen. Make sure that the quilt is washable and not Grandma’s cherished quilt. You don’t want something spilled on something so special.



Wall art – color and texture turns a small or large quilt into a piece of art and now there are lots contemporary quilt patterns available.


This quilt hangs in my office


and this in my family room.

Folded at the bottom of a bed. You can use it as an accent to create a warm and cozy feel by showing just a small part of it.


Hyacinth Quilt Designs


Make individual framed art out of an old tattered quilt by cutting it into smaller sections.


Picnic blanket – much like the tablecloth this one should be reserved for older less valuable quilts.



Throw over the back of a chair outside. Using pieces meant for inside you can make an outdoors look more like a cozy inside room.


Perennial Passion

Hang on hooks so they are ready to use.


PSI Quilt

Or peeking out from a basket


in my family room

and hanging from a towel rack ~ pretty and ready to use on those cold winter nights.


Country Living

Quilts can really be used anywhere you would use fabric: covering a foot stool, as slip covers on pillows and even bench cushions.

So the next time you are gifted with or find one of these treasures on your travels, grab it and remember the beauty and love that comes along with it.



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