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There is an undeniable connection between the state of our homes, the state of our lives and our personal well-being. Our homes should be a respite of peace away from the stresses and disorder of the world, not a continuation of the stress felt when out in the world. We have no control over many facets of the world we live and work in but we do have control over the chaos or calm at home. We become so accustomed…


Let's first clarify a false notion that pets are bad Feng Shui. Pets in general are not bad for the Feng Shui energy of your home. What is bad Feng Shui is people who are not mindful about their pets, their behavior and the role they play in the Feng Shui energy of their home. All living beings in a space are affected by and create Feng Shui energy. Movement and sound can be beneficial or have a negative impact…