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Program will be available to licensed Real Estate Professionals beginning in June 2016

Join the affiliate program at  DIY House to Home and together we can help even more homeowners with DIY Staging, DIY Feng Shui to Sell and Feng Shui to Live Programs as well as training programs for Real Estate Professionals who can learn to Stage homes themselves.

All classes are virtual so they are available to access 24 hours a day. Recorded in 20 minute segments with busy homeowners and Real Estate Industry professionals in mind.  All programs include printable worksheets.

My goal with these programs is to allow everyone to win.

A great example is the DIY Staging Program for Homeowners.

As an affiliate not only can you make money by recommending the program to your sellers, you also have the opportunity to sell a home that has been properly prepared (read the latest Staging Statistics here), which will often result in the home selling quicker and for more money, which for you means less time at open houses and marketing dollars spent and higher commission.

The homeowner wins because they don’t have to be inconvenienced, keep the house perfect for  last minute showing and leaving the house with pets and kids in tow for hours each weekend in addition a higher profit from the sale.

And lastly because a portion of every product sold goes to the Charity of the Month at my websites and women and children the world over receive food, clothing and job training to give them a hand up!

Let’s talk about the details ~

Each programs has a simple commission structure with the level of payout of 60% and an optional discount to sweeten the deal if you care to use it.

Programs with discounts have the same level payout as individual programs and your tracking button allows for credit of sales even if they leave your link and return later to purchase.

Payout is done through Pay Pal within 10 days of the close of the prior month. $25.00 minimum payout or amount will be rolled over into the next month.

How does this work?

  • Send an email to Kim@ asking to join the affiliate program ~ include your name, email, City and State and zip code(if you are a Licensed Real Estate Agent please include the Company and address you represent – every effort is made to not allow more than one person per company to be an affiliate), or if you are Mortgage or other professional in the industry.
  • Once approved you will receive the following:
    • a link where you will complete your account information including the Pay Pal information for payments that will be made to your account.
    • detailed pay structure for each program.
    • your unique link to include in emails, at Facebook, Twitter or other Social Media and banner ad if you have a website.
    • Sample emails or promotional ideas to use to promote the products.
  • You receive an email each time your affiliate link is used to purchase a product or log on at any time to see the activity in your account.
  • Offer the programs to listings, other agents or friends and family to transform their home for sale, their home to live in or their lives using Feng Shui to Live.

This is a new affiliate program and the number of affiliates will be limited so please only inquire if you are serious about representing an amazing group of programs.

Would you like to more about Kim Upstone just click the link to see my biography.

Hope to see you inside the Affiliate Program!


Kim  Upstone