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There is an undeniable connection between the state of our homes, the state of our lives and our personal well-being. Our homes should be a respite of peace away from the stresses and disorder of the world, not a continuation of the stress felt when out in the world. We have no control over many facets of the world we live and work in but we do have control over the chaos or calm at home. We become so accustomed to seeing the same thing day after day that we forget to stop and look if the space is working with us or against us, allowing us to be our best self?

The beginning of the new year is a good time to access the state of our homes and make some changes. A small step may be the first step in facilitating not only a change in your environment but a personal transformation as well.

Here are some starters, a place for you to begin. Sometimes making small changes incrementally can have a bigger impact than a big goal without a clear destination and no clear step by step plan.

Don’t stress about making changes to the entire house. Start with one room and then as time permits work through the house.

  1. Begin by simply cleaning your space. Now that the Holiday décor is down (don’t feel bad if you still have some holiday stuff lying around) but it is time to do a good and through cleaning. Wash the windows, dust the plants and mop the floors. Having a clean space to begin will help enhance the positive energy of the space which will motivate you to keep moving and take the next step.
  2. I know that if you want to receive something in your life you must be ready to receive it with open arms and the same principal works with your home. Think of it as having your arms filled with things, you have no ability to accept something new and more enriching to your life. If you drop some of the things that you are holding and open your arms, you are ready to accept something new. And so it is with your home, clutter and “stuff” leave no room for energy to flow and for new and more fulfilling pieces to come to you. Clear your house of anything that no longer represents you, is broken, and doesn’t fit or you simply don’t need or want to keep.
  3. Bring into view pieces that you love and inspire you. By clearing away the things you don’t love in step 2 you can more easily see and appreciate the pieces you do love and have meaning to you. Placement of symbolic items such as statues and pictures of happy times has great impact in Feng Shui. If you would like to take the first step by applying Feng Shui to the top of your desk to increase prosperity feel free to grab my free mini eBook.
  4. Add in something that refreshes your senses. It might be with the addition of color. Something bright and cheerful like yellow daffodils in a vase or some colorful pillows. Maybe a visual delight of a mug filled with pens and colored pencils in the colors of the rainbow. Another way is to simply open the blinds and let in natural light. Bright light is synonymous with spring, freshness and creativity.

There we have started! Now just work your way through your house ~ room to room until when you look around you love how it looks and feels.




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