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Realize this first and foremost ~I am not one that jumps into things.

I am also not technology savvy.But I am always keen on finding ways to make my life and work easier and more productive.

However, unless I can see immediate results in adding something new to my life, I don’t see a purpose for having it. It also must have more than one use. I learned long ago that I can make Quesadillas in a pan so there was no need to continue making a home for a huge Quesadilla maker in my closet for the twice a year I would use it.

I don’t want my life, house, or Smartphone cluttered with things I can’t use for multiple purposes.

That being said there are advances in technology that I can learn to embrace because of their ease of use, low or no cost to try, and I see immediately how their use make my life easier to navigate if I actually apply their use to my daily life.

So today I wanted to share with you three Apps that you really should give a second look, if you haven’t already!

LogMeIn is the first. This app allows you to connect with your computer from anywhere. So what are some of its applicable uses?

Let’s say you were out of the office and needed a copy of a document. You would simply pull it up and print to a local computer! Or maybe you needed to transfer files from your computer to your Ipad, then you could do that without having to back them up, place them on a flash drive and then install them.

If you need to access documents to change or alter them from your phone or simply want to work on documents on your phone or tablet, it is the perfect solution.

Check out the Free trial here

DocuSign Free for the basic account. This app allows you to get documents securely and legally signed all online. You pull up the document/s you need signed. They can be in PDF, Word, Excel or your Drop Box, add little tags with instructions like sign and initial here, instruct them to add an address or date, enter an email address and send off for signature.

You can upgrade for additional features, even sending reminders if the docs are not returned or set an expiration on when they can be signed.

These are legally binding documents and are endorsed by the National Association of Realtors. Visit to lean more!

HomeSnap This one is just plain FUN! This app uses a photo you take of almost any home and accesses the MLS information or public record data to give you square footage, number of bedrooms and much more.

It even keeps it in the history so you can pull that same home up again later. This is invaluable when researching neighborhoods or doing comparables with buyers! This one is free so check it out

Try out these and then let me know what you think or if you have one that you love that I might want to try, please share it!  This site just like life is all about sharing and caring for each other!

Don’t forget to visit where there are lots of resources free for both you and your homeowners to use! Oh yeah and please sign up to receive this newsletter so you don’t miss an issue!

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