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Don’t you love getting something made just for you! Every year I make everyone some sort of fabric re-usable bag and place inside a handmade gift or two along with a few seasonal favorites like peppermint lip balm and sugar cookie hand lotion.

For today’s post I gathered together just a “few~of~my~favorite~things” some involve simple sewing and others no-sewing at all! I hope you become inspired to pick one or two to make your holiday gift giving homemade this year.

Note: All the links are listed in order at the bottom of the post.


102047879.jpg.rendition.largest#1 So this is our starting point this year. It is a “grab-it-bag” I have made a bunch of these the past few years to wrap gifts in instead of wasting wrapping paper. I just turn the handles into a bow with some ribbon. The reason I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them is that the one handle slips into the other which makes them hands free! You can easily slip it on your wrist which is perfect if you tend to wander,as I do,  from your shopping cart in the grocery store. Leaving your purse in the cart is a safety issue.

#2 Now if you don’t sew there is an alternative version made from old T-shirts ~ think thrift store. Just cut and tie! Doesn’t get much easier than that.

no-sew-t-shirt-bag-tutorial-8Easy-DIY-Rice-Heating-Pad#3 Next up is another cut and tie. You can make microwave heat packs with rice out of knee hi baby or adult socks depending upon the size you want to make.

But if you sew you can make any of these hand warmers#4 hand warmers

and a larger size for sore necks and backs #5 DIY-Microwavable-Heating-Pad-from-The-Happy-Housewife-682x1024


#6 If you are giving toys with lots of pieces like Tinker toys or Legos you could make something to keep them in. This bag with a peek-a- boo front is perfect and so easy!




DIY-fabric-bins #7 and who couldn’t find a hundred different uses for some pretty fabric bins? Store toys, use them in drawers for organizing socks as well as for serving rolls and chips




#8 Tissue holders are always a hit, especially with Moms and Grandmas.






#9 Or a roll up travel case ~ don’t want to do much sewing ~ you can even use a cloth place-mat ~ just fold up a few inches and add some ties which works perfectly for curling irons.

102049246.jpg.rendition.largestor use a towel! #10 toothbrush towel


#11 Coasters are always amazing gifts and again an alternative to sewing them is to use ready made wall tiles as in this tutorial.Tile coasters










#13 This is a great idea and can be made any size. I love that the bow is integrated into the bag so nothing more is needed. I make these mug size and have a few on hand filled with tea and a few individually wrapped Biscotti ready to give or take to a event.

#14 How about a cut and tie blanket for all the kids, big and little? Leaving one side640x478_acopen, simply knotting each side separately to make a warm pocket blanket for the kiddos to slip into. heat spice bag#15 How about a spice trivet? The warmth of the pot releases the amazing aroma of cinnamon.

pot holder #16 Make these adorable pot-holders a no-sew project by purchasing a pot holder and include your favorite recipe.

paper towels#17 I love these and use them constantly ~  stitching up some reuse-able paper towels is a great gift as well asNapkin Edited Resized header #18 cloth napkins which I use for all our meals. Why throw something away when it takes just a few minutes to wash them?eye pillows (18)#19 Eye masks are amazing ~ include a bottle of lavender essential oil to enhance relaxation and get rid of headaches.0105997a500ce52571676c0a48590ec2#20 Maybe a pot with ModPodge pictures of loved ones.

And for the grand finale … who wouldn’t love a pillow with their loved ones on it? #21 990c56d7c4a7d56579fc4b00ba813926

I want to thank all the amazing people who come up with such heart warming DIY ideas! Our world is a better place with all of your creativity filling it up!

Inspired yet? I would love to know ~ what homemade gift have you received from someone that you loved and is your favorite?

Blessings to all!


Here are the links to the tutorials #1  BHG Grab it bag #2 MommyPotomus T-shirt bag  #3 Unsophisticook Sock Rice Heat Pack #4 Sugar Bee Crafts Rics Hand Warmers#5 The Happy Housewife Microwave Heat Pack   #6 Toni Coward Lego Storage Bag #7 Birch Fabrics Fabric Bins #8 BHG Tissue holder  #9 BHG Roll it bag #10 No listing for original picture  #11 A Pretty Cool Life  Fabric Coasters #12  Beneath My Heart Tile Coasters #13  Positively Splendid Gift Bag #14 Snap Guide  Tie Edge Blanket #15  #16 Quilt Expressions Quilted Pot Holder Gift Set #17 Cat Eyed KP  Fabric Paper Towels #18 My Pattern and Tutorial which I will post next week #19 Button Bird Designs Eye Pillow#20 Sugar Bee Crafts Photo Pot #21 Katies Nesting Spot Memory Pillow



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