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Quick and Easy Pillow Cover Tutorial ~Using Cloth Napkins and No Zippers!

Difficulty *1 (out of 5)

Talent needed: Sewing a straight line.


Four Cloth napkins

96″ of 1″ to 2″ wide coordinating ribbon (8 pieces each 12″ – four for each pillow slip)

Don’t you hate storing “stuff” especially holiday décor and pillows take up so much room when all that is really needed is the cover because underneath all pillows are alike, although they may be different sizes.

I started a few years ago keeping the same pillow insert and making slipcovers. For Halloween this year I found some fun cloth napkins to use which made it even easier.

Decide if you want to buy new pillows or use the ones you have now. Either way measure the pillow with a flexible tape measure – this is so you get the true measurement, a stiff ruler is more difficult on the slightly rounded surface of the pillow.

Once you have the measurement add 1” to the width and 2” to the length.

The napkins I purchased were 16” (that is the typical size ) they were 4 for $4.99 at Home Goods and it made two slipcovers.

09022015 048


My pillows were 14” which I chose so that I could always have the option to use cloth napkins or purchase fabric. If your pillows are 16” and your napkins are 16”you will need to either remove the hem from the napkin or purchase fabric and not use the cloth napkins to make the slipcover.

Blog 10142015A

Lay two napkins right sides together and trim off whatever you need from one side to get to 15″.Even though the package says 16″ these were larger and not square (see the difference in the width from the piece that I cut). Your piece should measure left side 16″ bottom 14″ and right side 16″ with one span of 14″ along the top left open. Stitch along two long sides and one short side leaving one short side open.

Blog 10142015B


Turn 2″ back onto itself (no hem is needed because the napkins edge is already finished) and slip one piece of 12″ ribbon into the pocket. Repeat until evenly spaced and ribbons on each side of pillow line up. Stitch very closely to the edge making sure to catch the ribbon. and turn right side out.

Blog 10142015C

Insert the pillow, use one of the flaps to cover the edge of the pillow and tie the ribbons to fasten the slipcover and you are done!

Blog 10142015D

This project took me all of 20 minutes to cut, sew and finish these off. Now when it is time to pack away my Halloween decorations I will only have to pack away my favorite hand-painted Halloween pillow with ghosts and a cat.

I hope you have some fun making these for every holiday ~ I already found a beaded table runner that I will make my Thanksgiving Pillow slips out of and that is coming soon!

Blessings and thanks for joining me today!



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