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Reclaimed, reused, re-purposed and refurbished are the new buzz words in decorating.

I was at an event in Scottsdale called Junk in the Trunk and was blown away by the number of reclaimed items especially windows for sale. I love that they are not ending up in a landfill and that people can be so amazing and creative in the ways to make them into so many things!

First off ~ I know I promised the pot by the front door to match the door mat I made but we had a serious illness in the family ~ I am really making an excuse because it was out of town and it was not like I had to run to the hospital all the time ~ but I just couldn’t focus and get it done this past weekend and so it will be next week.

After seeing all those windows at Junk in the Trunk ( I love that name) I thought about a old glass TV cabinet door in the garage, that looks just like a window and it is just gathering dust. I got to thinking about all the saved pictures of reclaimed windows that I loved and kept in my idea file ~ so I pulled them up on the computer and  thought it might be fun to count down to the one I chose to make with my door/window.

Some of these are quite shabby but don’t let that stop you from considering them because they all could be as cute if they were just painted and not so distressed.

#3#12 Faded Charm

Cute with a set of 4 botanicals but this frame would also look cute with pics of kids or Grandkids or your pets if you happen to have four of them.


#11 BRIT+CO 

This is really a good idea if you plan your clothes like I do a week at a time. You could have everything for the week in one place.


#10 Apartment Therapy 

Sometimes creating the feeling of a room is as simple as creating a divider. I love this because the light still comes through but there is a feeling of privacy and it looks so cute.


#9 Post Road Vintage

A multi purpose command center made country by the addition of a shelf and some pretty blue vases.

Image created by Sarah Danaher with a Canon EOS 5D MkII

#8 Capitol Romance

What a cute way to showcase a wedding invitation and some wedding and engagement photos.


#7 A Cultivated Nest 

Another multi purpose center and this time we can easily change out photos while keeping lists or adding an inspirational message.


#6 Lush Home

Sometimes bringing the outdoors in creates a adorable grouping.


#5 Sweet Survival 

Finding a unique shape adds to the character and makes a beautiful backdrop for a pretty wreath.


#4 Lush Home

Shelf and coat hooks now all you need is a chalk board or pictures to make this perfect.


#3 One Of A Kind Designs

Sometimes a large expanse of exterior blank wall can use something to create some interest. Flower boxes alone would look out of place but with the addition of windows it looks adorable.


#2 In Minutes

 Again a room divider but this time inside. It’s like a wall with windows!


#1 Just Imagine

The winner is … I love this! The saying is perfect for our bedroom. This is the winner! Which one would you pick?

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